67 – IARLG – WHO ARE THE JINNS; Date: 5th June 2015; 17th or 18th Sha’ban 1436

Date: 5th June 2015; 17th/18th Sha’ban 1436;

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ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP (http://aljumaareminder.com/reminds about the existence of Jinns:


All cultures and peoples, without exception, have beliefs and experiences of the existence of extraterrestrial beings be they called “ghosts, spirits, aliens, demons, etc.” In the Arabic culture, these extraterrestrial beings have been given the name “Jinn” and are believed to be invisible creatures that possess superhuman powers and even the ability to possess human beings. While what is stated here would be written off as “non-sense” or “tall tales” by most modern critics, we are confronted with a clear reason for examination since God’s Scripture indeed confirms the existence of these extraterrestrial beings known as Jinn!

“I did not create the Jinn and the humans except to serve Me.” (51:56)

Jinn Created Before Man, From Fire

“He created the human from a clay, like pottery. And the Jinn He created from a smokeless fire.” (55:14-15)

“And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the fire of the fierce hot winds.” (15:26-27)

The first clue we are given about the Jinn is the nature of their composition. God tells us that these beings are created from a ‘smokeless fire’ whereas man is created from mud/clay. We are also told that the Jinn were created before mankind was created. Science tells us that the Earth was nothing but a volcanic mass of fire when it was first created, and that water, which is the core element for biological life, did not appear on this planet until after it had cooled for many millions of years. Therefore, if the creation and evolution of man began with the presence of water on Earth, then it is reasonable to state that the creation of the Jinn began when the Earth was still a hot fiery mass many millions of years ago.

Jinn Travel Space

“And we touched the heavens, but found it full of powerful guards and projectiles. And we used to sit in it in places of listening, but anyone who sits now finds a projectile seeking him.” (72:8-9)

The Quran also tells us that Jinn used to move freely about in the galaxy until God restricted their movement to our universe only. It may very well be that these beings had technology and vehicles which allowed space travel, but the more likely understanding of the verse is that the Jinn were themselves able to travel the universe by nature of their being which is not biological and therefore not in need of air, water, etc.

Jinn Not Always Visible to Human Eye

“O Children of Adam, do not let the devil afflict you as he evicted your parents from the paradise; he removes from them their garments to show them their lusts. He and his tribe see you from where you do not see them. We have made the devils as allies for those who do not believe.” (7:27)

“But the devil whispered to him, he said: ‘O Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of immortality and a kingdom which will not waste away?'” (20:120)

“And the Day We gather them all: ‘O tribes of Jinn, you have managed to take many humans.’ Their supporters from the humans said: ‘Our Lord, we have indeed enjoyed one another, and we have reached our destiny to which You delayed us.’ He said: ‘The Fire is your dwelling, in it you shall abide eternally, except as your Lord wishes.’ Your Lord is Wise, Knowledgeable.” (6:128)

The final significant clue we are given about the Jinn is that, due to their composition, they have the ability to be seen or unseen by the naked human eye, however, the general theme found in the Quran is that they chose to be unseen more than they are seen.

Jinn and Human Rivalry

“And We created you, then We shaped you, then We said to the Angels: ‘Yield to Adam;’ so they yielded except for Satan, he was not of those who yielded. He said: ‘What has prevented you from yielding when I have ordered you?’ He said: ‘I am far better than him, You created me from fire and created him from clay!'” (7:11-12)

While the Jinn were created long before mankind to uphold God’s commands and serve Him alone, the authority for planet Earth was passed on to the human race by God’s decree. The Jinn, being able to travel the galaxy and eavesdrop, were able to listen to God’s command that was issued to His angels informing them of the new authority given to the being called “man”. This knowledge resulted in an exchange between the Jinn (represented by Satan) and the Almighty whereby the Satan seeks permission to remain on Earth and prove that mankind is not fit for the task and that his people are better suited.

God’s Conditions Upon Jinn

“And we touched the heavens, but found it full of powerful guards and projectiles. And we used to sit in it in places of listening, but anyone who sits now finds a projectile seeking him.” (72:8-9)

“And entice whoever you can of them with your voice, and mobilize all your forces and men against them, and you may share with them in their money and children, and promise them.” But the devil promises nothing but deceit. ‘As for My servants, you will have no power over them.’ And your Lord suffices as a Caretaker.” (17:64-65)

Although God grants Satan his request to remain on Earth with humans, the following conditions are placed upon the Jinn: (1) Jinn can no longer move about in the galaxy and eavesdrop, they are now restricted to movement in this universe only. (2)Jinn can only communicate with humans if the human host allows it.

Good Jinn & Bad Jinn

“And among us are those who are good doers, and some of us are opposite to that, we are in many paths. And we acknowledge that we cannot escape God on Earth, nor can we escape Him if we run. And when we heard the guidance, we believed in it. So whoever believes in his Lord, then he will not fear a decrease in reward, nor a burdensome punishment. And among us are those who submitted, and among us are the compromisers. As for those who have submitted, they have sought what is correct. And as for the compromisers, they are firewood for Hell.” (72:11-15)

After having related the negative history between mankind and Jinn, it is imperative to note that the Jinn (with the exception of Satan) were given a chance by the Almighty to reflect upon their decision and to repent to God before the Day of Judgment approaches. Indeed, according to the events in sura 72, some Jinn have already repented and accepted to follow the way of God rather than follow the arrogance of Satan and be punished for eternity with him.

Solomon and the Jinn

“And for Solomon the wind was given, traveling one month coming and one month going, and We caused a spring of tar to flow for him. And from among the Jinn are those that worked for him by his Lord’s leave; and any one of them who turns from Our commands, We shall cause him to taste the retribution of the Fire. They made for him what he desired of enclosures, and statues, and pools of deep reservoirs, and heavy pots. “O family of David, work to show thanks.” Only a few of My servants are appreciative. Then, when We decreed death for him, nothing informed them of his death until a worm kept eating from his staff, so when he fell down, the Jinn realised that if they had known the unseen, they would not have remained in the humiliating retribution.” (34:12-14)

The most famous story of the Jinn is that of the prophet Solomon and the power he was given by God over them. The story reveals many other things about these beings which can be summarized as follows:

  • Jinn do not follow human will/instructions freely unless forced by God to do so; {Nb: Jinns do not offer their services for free; the things/kufr they make the people/magicians do before they offer their services can make your hair stand}.
  • Jinn can affect the material world (i.e. they can move physical items or even craft objects);
67 - IARLG - WHO ARE THE JINNS; Date: 5th June 2015; 17th or 18th Sha’ban 1436 (115 downloads)


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