79 – IARLG – THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 7 – WORSHIPING ANGELS WHO IN REALITY ARE JINNS; Date: 28th August 2015; 12th or 13th Dhu al-Qa’da 1436

Date: 28th August 2015; 12th/13th Dhu al-Qa’da 1436;


Source2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgBgCNCbmxk

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP (http://aljumaareminder.com/presents how jinns impact mankind by pretending to be Angels:


Angels are sadly worshipped in many different styles. Regardless of the style used to worship any angel(s); we can be sure that they are worshipping jinns instead.

And (remember) the Day when He will gather them all together, then He will say to the angels: “Was it you that these people used to worship?” They will say: “Glorified are You! You are our Wali (Lord) instead of them. Nay, but they used to worship the jinn; most of them were believers in them.” (Qur’an 34:40-41)


The most dangerous group of angel worshippers are those who believe that they are worshipping fallen angels while they are in fact worshipping jinns (Lucifer/Iblis/Satan included) created by Allah. Allah is asking the jinns and us (mankind) if we will take the so called fallen angels as protectors/helpers instead of Allah Himself.

And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves to Adam.” So they prostrated themselves except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the jinn; he disobeyed the Command of his Lord. Will you then take him (Iblis) and his offspring as protectors and helpers rather than Me while they are enemies to you? What an evil is the exchange for the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers). (Qur’an 18:50)

I (Allah) made them (Iblis and his offspring) not to witness (nor took their help in) the creation of the heavens and the earth and not (even) their own creation, nor was I (Allah) to take misleaders as helpers. (Qur’an 18:51)

The story of Lucifer, the fallen angel and so called son god: We Muslims know from the Quran that Satan/Iblis was not a fallen angel but is a jinn as can be seen in Qur’an 18:50. A jinn is a being created from smokeless fire {as can be seen in Qur’an 55:15}, whereas an angel is created from ‘noor’ (light). Since the time of Adam (PBUH), Satan has been studying mankind until he has masterminded the most deceptive plan that will ever face the history of mankind. Satan has told his followers from the human race that Adam and Hawa were trapped in the garden of Eden by Allah until he gave Adam and Hawa intellect to ’think’ and escape from the shackles. But Allah clearly states in the Quran that He was the One who gave Adam (PBUH) intellect and taught him the names of the Angels. And the jinn: He created from a smokeless flame of fire. (Qur’an 55:3)

And He taught Adam all the names (of everything), …. (Qur’an 2:31) & He has taught man that which he knew not (Qur’an 96:5)

Satan promises his followers ‘enlightenment’ and ‘illumination’ in this world. His followers are also promised to be ‘immortal gods’ like himself (satan) after death. Such deception enables Satan to pose as Lucifer, the son god, the sustainer of light; Satan was able to deceive thousands of generations. With the help of his followers, he has infiltrated almost every religion to this day. Please remember that because of these jinns {fallen angels}:

  • We have a lot of religions that are now worshipping the sun without knowing. Some followers from the infiltrated religions know they have been bamboozled but stubbornly continue with this sun worship. Some became atheists and refuse to follow any other truth/Islam.
  • We have a lot of religions with the so called gods born on 25th December all over the world. And the so-called gods have other similar features like trinities, virgin births etc.

“I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them, and has barred them from (Allah’s) Way: so they have no guidance.” (Qur’an 27:24)

Did the symbol of the serpent represent the sun in paganism? The book The Two Babylons stated that the worship of the serpent was always universally associated with the sun. Quoting Rev. A. Hislop: “Along with the sun, as the great fire-god, and, in due time, identified with him, was the serpent worshipped. … In the mythology of the primitive world… the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun. “In Egypt, one of the commonest symbols of the sun, or sun-god, is a disc with a serpent around it (p. 227).” Rev. A. Hislop goes on to show how the ancients associated the snake with the sun. “The original reason of that identification seems just to have been that, as the sun was the great enlightener of the physical world, so the serpent was held to have been the great enlightener of the spiritual, by giving mankind the “knowledge of good and evil.” (p. 227)” E.g. Horus in the image below.

Notice the sun behind the head or body some of the many infiltrated religions:


All the religions above have been infiltrated {even Christianity} and they are trying to infiltrate Islam but they will fail because Allah promised in the Quran to protect the True Islam. All the above infiltrated religions have almost identical trinity structures and they are now trying to introduce that to Islam via Alevism. Some pictures of Alevisim; notice the sun and fallen angels; notice the smokeless flame talked about in Qur’an 55:15 behind the person. And lastly, notice the pyramid and the Dajjal [All Seeing Eye] in the sun above so called fallen angels:


Two last notes: These Alevists and especially men who call women angels should pounder over the following ayat:

And they make the angels who themselves are slaves to the Most Beneficient (Allah) females. Did they witness their creation? Their evidence will be recorded, and they will be questioned! (Qur’an 43:19)

79 - IARLG - THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 7 – WORSHIPING ANGELS WHO IN REALITY ARE JINNS; Date: 28th August 2015; 12th or 13th Dhu al-Qa’da 1436 (131 downloads)


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