77 – IARLG – THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 6 – VIA MUSIC – 4; Date: 14th August 2015; 28th or 29th Shawwal 1436

Date: 14th August 2015; 28th/29th Shawwal 1436;

Source1: http://www.l1.astgeneration.biz/crowley.html

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP (http://aljumaareminder.com/reminds the power of Music before explaining how the evil jinns use that power:



Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of Taghut (Satan etc). So fight you against the friends of Shaitan (Satan); Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitan (Satan) (Qur’an 4:76)

As if the previous dangers of music weren’t enough; jinns and mankind have more sinister plots inserted in most music nowadays to turn us away from Islam {Full Submission to Allah Alone}. We are trying our best to fight in the Cause of Allah by exposing these evil plots and we hope Allah accepts our deeds; we also wish many if not all of the children of Adam will return to Allah. Now before exposing these plots please let us see how Dr Roy H Williams views music:

Dr Roy H. Williams did research on the brain and actually discovered some things that are going to help us understand what is going on. He is with a company which teaches how to effectively advertise to people, they know the whole neurological makeup of the brain. They can tell you what stimulates it, how you can sell a product. Eg you can see certain commercials now and your lips start getting crusty, you can’t figure out what’s happening. That is because they have researched and understood you; they know how to get into your head and make you want something.

After a lot of research he concludes that there is a left brain and the right brain. The left part of the brain to them is known as the skeptic, it’s the logical and conscious thought, and it’s the part of your brain that does not accept everything. It sits back and deciphers through everything. The right brain is your subconscious thought which received everything and is always recording and it brings it to the left brain and the left brain kicks out what it doesn’t want.

What Dr Roy concludes is that if the right brain if influenced by music…He says if you put the thought, conception or whatever you have through music will actually influence your left brain. So he says that music bypasses the guardianship of the left brain so the right brain can actually influence you through music. So that means that I can sit here and talk to you like I am talking now and some of will receive it and some of you won’t but if I put what I am saying to music you cannot reject it. So when these guys put their doctrinal messages/beliefs of murder/killing/sexual images and all these stuff even watching a music video. You may say I am just watching it, I am not going to do anything but because it is put to music it is actually recording putting those images inside of you.

Important Note: Some people like to say they listen to songs with musical instruments which preach about God. No matter the lyrics used music will always power up desires more; if the lyrics are bad/black they mix with the bad/black music hence much more black darkness; if the lyrics are good/white they mix with the overpowered bad/black music and hence bad/black is formed. For example a person may not reach the heights of Imaan required because of music; if the time for prayer comes he delays because the song is so good and if he starts praying instead of remembering the Quran he remembers that beat {usually not lyrics and even if the lyrics are sung they are not reflected upon}. Usually it’s the beat which takes hold of the person. If the music/beat is removed then that person can’t listen to those same good lyrics as much as when the music was there. So either way music is not recommended for spiritually growth. Lastly breaking a law of using music to please Allah is not a very good idea and it is not a Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad {S.A.W}. It’s like saying Bismillahi {In the Name of Allah} before drinking alcohol which is known to be haram by the user.

Now back to our topic; let us see how they hide the super deadly messages:

  • Songs written in witch language. For example many people listened to Katty Perry’s song dark horse but if you ask them to explain the song without referring to the written lyrics they can’t; cause its written in witch language. The lyrics she is using plainly indicates she is singing to please Satan: “I knew you were You were gonna come to me, And here you are, But you better choose carefully, ‘Cause I, I’m capable of anything, Of anything and everything, Make me your Aphrodite {the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation}, Make me your one and only, But don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy, So you wanna play with magic, Boy, you should know what you’re falling for, Baby do you dare to do this? Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse, Are you ready for, ready for, A perfect storm, perfect storm, Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine, There’s no going back”. Note: Most people even don’t know that there is a greek goddess mentioned in her lyrics. Let us see what John Todd says about witch language:
  • MOST OF THE ROCK GROUPS ARE MEMBERS OF A WITCHCRAFT CHURCH. That doesn’t mean they’ve been initiated, it means that’s their religion, & when they do a song they’ll ask the witch coven or the temple to cast a spell over that song so that it will become a hit & sell. Now what takes place when a witch casts a spell is they order a lot of demos to do things. They don’t know that’s what they do, but that’s in essence what happens.
  • NOW THAT MEANS WHEN YOU GO BUY AN ALBUM & YOU TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU, IT’S LIKE BUYING A BOX OF CRACKER JACKS: YOU GET A FREE SURPRISE–IT’S CALLED A DEMON! It goes along with the record. Now much of the music is written in witch language by witches. Elton John has made the statement that he has never written a song or sung a song that was not written in witch language, example: “Beyond the Yellow Brick Road” is 100% witch language.
  • THAT’S WHY MANY SONGS, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. That’s why many people who listen to them don’t understand until they get high on drugs & then all of a sudden the meanings start coming to them. Many songs have been written in witch language such as the whole album by Carole King called “Tapestry.”PARENTS. Stop and think how many songs are out there that you really like but you have no idea what the person was talking about.
  • I WANT TO SAY THIS TO YOU, HAVE YOU NOTICED THE INCREASE OF REBELLION IN TEENAGERS IN THE HOME? The reason is, it’s your fault.–You let them listen to it. It stirs up rebellion. It’s not the words in the song, it’s the music. Witches know it, they hit certain chords on purpose. As many people that have once been in hypnosis, like Dr. Berry when he was younger was involved in hypnosis can tell you.
  • Back masked messages; back masking is a technique of creating and hearing alternative messages, when a track is played backwards or forwards. The idea of reversing music was first described in the book of Magick (1913); written by Alister Crowley {said to be the wickedest man in the world}. The practice of reverse speech was used by Crowley in rituals to provoke spirits and demonic entities. Freudian psychologists would suggest that such hidden messages are absorbed by the Id or subconscious, to later manifest themselves as actions or thoughts. A good exampleof back masking can be found in Jay Z songs’; in his song “Lucifer” {in the grey album released on 2004} the following can be heard when played backward: “I can introduce you to evil”, “Murder Murder Jesus. 666” “Leave Niggas on Death’s door” “Catholics I gotta murder them”. And unfortunately many artists have these hidden messages in their songs following the trend the beetles started.


Sadly musicians mock Allah in many ways as can be seen in the above example. An additional example is in Katy Perry’s music video of Dark Horse; a man wearing a chain with the name Allah is zapped to dust along with the chain by Katy Perry. This is pure blasphemy.

Sadly nowadays Jesus (Isa) is mocked excessively but people, especially Muslims don’t even bother to say/condemn anything; eg in the song Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition): “Heard a lot of talk about this Jesus, A man of love, and a man of strength, But what a man was two thousand years ago, means nothing at all to me today”

In the song Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Ya): “We don’t need all these prophecies, Telling us what’s a sign, what’s a sign, Cause paranoia ain’t the way to live your life from day to day, So leave your doubts and your fears behind.” Please note that sadly these two examples are just a few from the exceedingly many examples of the mockers of our time.

And when they see you (O Muhammad SAW), they treat you only as a mockery (saying):”Is this the one whom Allah has sent as a Messenger? He would have nearly misled us from our aliha (gods), had it not been that we were patient and constant in their worship!” And they will know when they see the torment, who it is that is most astray from the (Right) Path! (Qur’an 25:41-42)

Have you (O Muhammad SAW) seen him who has taken as his ilah (god) his own desire? Would you then be a Wakil (a disposer of his affairs or a watcher) over him? Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are even farther astray from the Path. (i.e. even worst than cattle). (Qur’an 25:43-44)

Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, [Peter 3:3] {NAS}

77 - IARLG - THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 6 – VIA MUSIC – 4; Date: 14th August 2015; 28th or 29th Shawwal 1436 (124 downloads)


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