68 – IARLG – THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 1; Date: 12th June 2015; 24th or 25th Sha’ban 1436

Date: 12th June 2015; 24th/25th Sha’ban 1436;

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ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP (http://aljumaareminder.com/reminds about how Jinns impact our lives:


This is a reminder to us and you. Will we be able to enter Paradise? Are we safe from hell fire? Were we too hasty in taking the Al-Amanah? Are we up to the task?

Truly, We did offer Al-Amanah (the trust or moral responsibility or honesty and all the duties which Allah has ordained) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains, but they declined to bear it and were afraid of it (i.e. afraid of Allah’s Torment). But man bore it. Verily, he was unjust (to himself) and ignorant (of its result) (Qur’an 33:72)

And surely, We have created many of the jinns and mankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth). They are like cattle, nay even more astray; those! They are the heedless ones. (Qur’an 7:179)

And most of mankind will not believe even if you desire it eagerly (Qur’an 12:103)

And most of them believe not in Allah except that they attribute partners unto Him (i.e. they are Mushrikoon – polytheists) (Qur’an 12:106)

From the above ayahs we can tell that as Allah said that we were too hasty and ignorant in taking Al-Amanah. But this does not mean that we were not created with the ability to attain Paradise. We’ve been given the ability to choose from which path to take. Allah knows the future; He says after we took the Al-Amanah:

And if We had willed, surely! We would have given every person his guidance, but the Word from Me took effect (about evil-doers), that I will fill Hell with jinn and mankind together. (Qur’an 32:13)

We as Muslims need to be very careful because if we don’t fall in (Qur’an 12:103) we might still fall in (Qur’an 12:106). Our aim is to show how the evil jinns impact mankind. The two parts we aren’t going to cover is jinn possession and direct whispering of the evil jinn since these are the most normally covered topics on jinns.


Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda: Coming from science itself, everything reaches a certain point where it no longer has an explanation. The most prominent theory amongst scientists today is called intelligent design. In the end of the day majority of scientists say that they reach a final point where there is no explanation. That there was some intelligent entity/being that initiated the process and this is where it gets comical. This is where intentions become exposed; this is where agendas are revealed. The vast majority of scientists are proponent of intelligent design and the vast majority of that majority that propose and back intelligent design would rather say that aliens came from outer space and initiated the process rather than saying there is a divine being and God who initiated the process. I am sorry if it sounds a little judgmental but if you’d rather give more credit to aliens than you would to a God I really can’t get in board with your logic.

It is sad to say that many people in developed countries actually believe in aliens. An example of the top beliefs in a survey of 1500 British adults is as follows: Ghosts (55%), Aliens (51%), UFOs (42%), Angels (27%) and God (25%). We still have America and other developed countries which show that people believe that aliens govern them. In short more people in developed countries believe much more in aliens and ghosts than in God. The movies/books and other medias are definitely ensuring the masses believe in aliens and ghosts. Did you know that aliens and ghosts are actually jinns? Aliens are normally associated with being very advanced, being from outer space etc. These characteristics are similar to jinns because jinns being created before mankind are more advanced technological and jinns in the past could travel in outer space freely. In a World where people heavily rely on science for answers to life and beyond, we are seeing people more willing to believe in aliens and ghosts than God. We live in an age where simply reciting text from religious books is not enough to bring people towards finding God. Religion is blamed for most of the ills in the World and we all need to find new ways to engage and bring people back to faith in one God.

UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are also associated with aliens/jinns. One proof the so called aliens/UFOs  jinns is that if you have a dog, have you ever noticed that sometimes your dog barks at an invisible entity as if he was threatened? When your dog acts like that, it most likely means that he sees a jinn and he is panicked to see him in his demonic form. Dogs have a different vision from us, they can see frequencies which are not visible to us. The jinns are multidimensional beings which can modulate their frequency and may be visible or not by our human eye and devices. Dogs can see the jinns because the jinns appear most of the time in frequencies which are visible by dogs and not by humans. The video in the following link will show a dog is totally terrified because of the presence of the so called UFOs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tss9lbkbJA. The video was recorded on 11th October 2011 at 9:44am in El Olivar del Conde, Alvaro Obregon on Mexico City, by the skywatcher Horacio Roquet. The dog was heard barking, like something was threating him. The dog could be heard howling; a possible reaction due to the UFOs in the sky. And as can be seen in the video there were 20 white spheres. Normally, dogs don’t even notice the presence of noisy planes in the sky but in the video the dog is totally panicking to the UFOs in spite of their silence and in spite of the fact that they are far higher in the sky than airplanes. This proves that the lights in the sky were not UFOs nor flying saucers but alive beings, Jinns (who have taken the shape of flying saucers).


This playlist is a complete investigation which has been done by respected scientists who passed their life on analyzing the UFO phenomenon, Alien Abduction & demonic activity… This search puts together undeniable facts and is not biased, it just gives you the different piece of the puzzle and you do the rest. This documentary clearly shows that the Aliens are not a benevolent alien civilization but rather an enemy entity, the shetans, Satan/Iblis’s army, they have a clear and definite plan of deception which is clearly turned against us and all the proofs of that are provided and documented in this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR6jrc2ibgw. If you have one documentary to watch to see the true face of the UFO phenomenon, I highly recommend you to watch this one, I can personally confirm you most of its conclusions through my own personal search. The shetans are to create an alternative reality around us in order to make us deny God and disobey Him, the shetans want us in hell with them, they want to push to rebellion against Allah. Obey Allah and the Quran, that’s the Straight Path.

PS: BEWARE, the 2 last episodes are a pure perdition, after exposing the shetans during 6 episodes, the author curiously invites the viewers to seek their answers from these entities (aliens/jinns/shetans). He does not mention even once the existence and oneness of God but he thinks that we can find our own solutions and that we shall listen what these shetans have to say…. This is a PURE PERDITION! Our only chance is to submit to the Almighty, Allah knows good and bad and Allah dictates us His rules and we shall obey Him, that’s the Straight Path!

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE SHETANS, whoever they claim to be, THEY ARE DECEIVERS, the ultimate proof of that is that they authorize what Allah forbids and forbid what Allah authorizes. If they were truly well guided and benevolent, they wouldn’t oppose Allah, they wouldn’t appoint themselves as His representative (Allah has no representatives), they would just order us to worship Allah Alone and obey the Quran….but that’s not the case, the shetans are forging a whole alternative truth, they are far in perdition and those who will follow them will eternally burn in hell.

And on the Day when He will gather them together (and say): “O you assembly of jinns! Many did you mislead of men,” and their Auliya’ (friends and helpers, etc.) amongst men will say: “Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us.” He will say: “The Fire be your dwelling-place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing.” (Qur’an 6:128)

68 - IARLG - THE IMPACT OF JINNS ON MANKIND – 1; Date: 12th June 2015; 24th or 25th Sha’ban 1436 (111 downloads)


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