213 – IARLG – THE RING STRUCTURE OF SURAH QIYAMA AND THE VERSE OF LIGHT; Date 23rd March 2018; 8th or 9th Rajab 1439

Date: 23rd March 2018; 8th or 9th Rajab 1439; 

Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim

Source: Ring structure in surah Qiyamah – by Haris Ljevaković from Heavely order course; Pg 174 to 175 of the book, ‘Divine Speech Exploring the Quran as Literature’ by Nouman Ali Khan and Sharif Randhawa

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP, (http://aljumaareminder.com/),


Please compare and contrast A with A’; B with B’; Ba with B’a’; and so on. If you pounder on this structure you will notice a lot of things;

Ring structure in surah Qiyamah – by Haris Ljevaković from Heavely order course Ayah
A Resurrection 01 to 04
B a Human being wants to sin while he is alive 05 to 06
b  eyesight is by fear dazzled, Moon becomes DARK, sun and moon are joined together 07 to 10
c There is no refuge when Judgement day arrives 11 to 12
d man shall against himself be an eye-witness 13 to 15
C Qur’an 16 to 19
B’ a’ Human being loves this world and leaves the Hereafter (akhirah) 20 to 21
b’ Some faces are bright, looking at their Lord, some faces are DARK, thinking that some calamity was about to fall on them, 22 to 25
c’ There is no refuge from death 26 to 30
d’ Sins which human beings do 31 to 36
A’ Creation – ends with the question ‘Is not that (Creator) Ableto give life to the dead?’ 37 to 40


The surah begins discussing people who are skeptical about Judgment Day and how they will be shocked on that Day. Then the topic shifts and Allah tells the Prophet (PBUH) not to move his tongue quickly to hasten the recitation of the Quran. Everything had to do with the afterlife except the part about not hastening the recitation. The Prophet (PBUH) was rushing to recite in order to change their hearts with perhaps the next ayah or the next. He was desperate to get them to change course because he knew the end is near. Allah, in this ayah, tells the Prophet (PBUH) that reciting more won’t make it clear to them. Allah is contrasting the Prophet’s sense of urgency to recite and his concern for them if they continue in their defiance. The disbelievers are blinded and are even asking for the punishment to come early by asking, “When will be this Day of Resurrection?” as seen in (Qur’an 75:6)


Let us look at the structure of the Ayah (Verse) of Light (Qur’an 24:35):

A.God is the light of the heavens and the earth

B.The example of His Light is like a niche in which there is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass, the glass as if it were a brilliant star.

C.[The lamp] is lit from a blessed olive tree

D.Neither of the east

D.’ nor of the west

C.’ Its oil almost radiates even though a fire had not touched it.

B.’ Light upon light.

A.’ God guides to His Light whomever He wills


That “God is the light of the heavens and the earth” (A) signifies that He is both the source of physical light that manifests the beauty of creation and allows His creatures to see, as well as the source of spiritual light – guidance – that enlightens His creatures. God, as the source of this “light,” is thus in the position to “guide to His light whomever He wills” (A’).

B described the lamp that gives off the light, part of which is intrinsic to it and part of which comes from an outside source. When the lamp inside the glass (i.e., the light contained within a pure heart) is ignited by a radiant flame (i.e., revelation), the effect is “light upon light” (B’)

C describes the fuel of the lamp – the oil, which may be understood as a symbol for the pure human spirit. Because it derives from such a “blessed” source, the oil “almost radiates even though a fire had not touched it” (C’). That is, the pure human spirit possesses its own glow even before the light of revelation kindles it.

The center emphasizes that the source of the inner light of the human being is “neither of the east nor of the west.” All human spirits originate from a single, non-terrestrial source. Therefore, pure human spirits are not confined to any geographical location, but are dispersed across the earth, regardless of direction. God does not restrict His guidance to any particular race, region, or nationality, but only requires that a person has kept his pure nature intact. It is when the light of revelation reaches such people that it ignites their spirits, producing the “light upon light” that illuminates the dark corners of the world.


213 - IARLG - THE RING STRUCTURE OF SURAH QIYAMA AND THE VERSE OF LIGHT; Date 23rd March 2018; 8th or 9th Rajab 1439 (32 downloads)

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