140 – IARLG – CONTEMPLATING FURTHER ON THE RELEASE OF GOG AND MAGOG VIA WAVES; Date 28th October 2016; 27th or 28th Muharram 1438

Date: 28th October 2016; 27th or 28th Muharram 1438;

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP, (http://aljumaareminder.com/), pondering Gog & Magog further:



This series of Gog and Magog will be long before we resume our one page weekly reminders flow. Why are focusing on Gog and Magog now? It is because this topic is that important as we will come to see In Shaa Allah. Please bear with us as we begin.

Before we begin, we would like to remind ourselves that the whole Quran is from Allah and that sometimes in order to understand one part of the Quran you would need to understand other part(s) of the Quran.

The Quran explains the Quran; for example reading every Ayah from the Quran except the Ayats from Surah Kahf might make you reach the conclusion that Iblis was an angel and not a jinn because it is in Surah Kahf where we learn that Iblis was actually a jinn and not an angel.

Now we need to look at these two Ayats together to get the full picture:

And on that Day [i.e. the Day Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) will come out], We shall leave some of them to surge like waves on one another, and the Trumpet will be blown, and We shall collect them all together. (Qur’an: 18:99)

Until, when Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog) are let loose (from their barrier), and they swiftly swarm from every mound. (Qur’an: 21:96)

We need to understand and look at both these Ayats together to understand the release of Gog and Magog fully. We need both angles from the Quran to fully understand the situation clearly. These Ayat above have been roughly translated to English. Let us look at the original Arabic text.


Surah Kahf (Qur’an 18:99)



Surah Anbiya (Qur’an 21:96)


The Openings:

  • Gog and Magog’s gate has been let opened by Allah and they are let loose by Allah as He Promised. In (Qur’an 21:96) through the word futihat, it gives us the view of them being let loose through the opening of their gate. That is because the root word f-t-h means either aperture, space, to open; to find a way, key; to conquer, conquest, victory; to initiate; to adjudicate, judgement.
  • From (Qur’an 18:99) we get the impression that Gog and Magog are left to be by Allah through the word wataraknaa. This doesn’t mean that Allah will not assist the Muslims and interfere with the plots of Gog and Magog when necessary. The root word t-r-k means either to relinquish, to abandon, to let be, to do without, to finish with, to leave behind; neglected, forlorn, spinster.



Their numbers and levels:

(Qur’an 18:99) we get the impression that there are:

  • Some of Gog and Magog who will surge on or above others (Gog and Magog)
  • Some of Gog and Magog will surge within others (Gog and Magog)
  • Some of Gog and Magog will surge with or among or in the company of others (Gog and Magog)
  • Some of Gog and Magog will surge towards/into others (Gog and Magog)
  • Some of Gog and Magog will surge from within others (Gog and Magog)
  • Some of Gog and Magog will surge in comparison with others (Gog and Magog)

We get this impression from (Qur’an 18:99) because of the words ‘ba-a’dhwa-hum yawmaidhin yamuuju fii baadhwiin’ which means “some of them that day to surge over/within/with/towards/into some”. The root word b-Ayn-d means part, some, portion, to divide, mosquitoes, gnats, to be bitten by a mosquito. The word ‘fii’ can either mean:

  • on/above; see (Qur’an 20:71),(Qur’an 11:6),
  • within/in; see (Qur’an 30:2-4), (Qur’an 33:51)
  • with/among; see (Qur’an 7:38), (Qur’an 27:12)
  • towards/into/to; see (Qur’an 14:9), (Qur’an 17:72)
  • from within; see (Qur’an 16:89)
  • in comparison with; see (Qur’an 9:38) where it says, “..the enjoyment of this world is, compared with the life to come, nothing but a small thing

From (Qur’an 18:99) we also get the impression that all of Gog and Magog will be gathered together by Allah when the trumpet will be blown.

What we do learn from all this is that not all of Gog and Magog will be on the same level; there will be leaders who will rule the others. There is a hadith which supports that they have leaders which will be presented later in this article.

The language “some fii some”; indicates that it won’t be a once off process. It seems to indicate that Gog and Magog will be spread out horizontally through different parts of the world and vertically throughout different time frames and through the passage of time. Gog and Magog of 1800 (Gregorian) will lead others up to 1890; this does not mean that all Gog and Magog have been ruled. What about the ones who have to exist in 1950? That is why Allah says in (Qur’an 18:99-100) all of them through different areas and ages will be gathered on the Day of Resurrection when the trumpet is blown. Otherwise why would Allah say “some fii some” if it is a onetime event and that He will gather them together on the Day of Resurrection. See (Qur’an 77:38-40)


(Qur’an 21:96) talks about all Gog and Magog as we can see via the word ‘wa hum’ (and they). This covers not just some of them but all of them. Why are all of them referred to in (Qur’an 21:96)? We will see…


Representing Waves:

From (Qur’an 21:96) we have the word ‘hadab’.

Missing first

(Qur’an 18:99) we have the word ‘yamuuj’.

Missing second

Missing third

From all of this, what do we get? From the word ‘yamuuj’ which means ‘surge’ is connected with waves. This therefore means that the word ‘hadabin’ means ‘high waves’ more than ‘high rocky land’ here.

Also a sign that waves are meant for the surge in (Qur’an 18:99); Allah has put the Ayat (Qur’an 18:99:4) in between:

  • (Quran 10:22:22), (Qur’an 11:42:5), (Qur’an 11:43:20) and
  • (Qur’an 24:40:7), (Qur’an 24:40:10), (Qur’an 31:32:3)

Allah didn’t liken Gog and Magog directly like surging waves in the Quran but He did so indirectly. By using the word ‘yamuuju’ for surging {of waves} in (Qur’an 18:99) and ‘hadabin’ for high waves in (Qur’an 21:96) we now can liken Gog and Magog:

  • as waves that surge on other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge on or above other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge within other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge with or among or in the company of other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge towards/into other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge from within other waves (Gog and Magog)
  • as waves which will surge in comparison with other waves (Gog and Magog)

You might be wondering how some waves meet all the above conditions. It’s simple really. Remember the reminder from last week when we presented the miracle about internal waves from (Qur’an 24:40).

Or [the state of a disbeliever] is like the darkness in a vast deep sea, overwhelmed with a great wave topped by a great wave, topped by dark clouds, darkness, one above another, if a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it! And he for whom Allah has not appointed light, for him there is no light. (Qur’an 24:40)

We know that not all of Gog and Magog are the masterminds. Those Gog and Magog who are a few and control the others secretly are like the surging of internal waves which can’t be seen without the use of special equipment.

Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known. {From THE BOOK OF THE LAW written by Alister Crowley the Messenger of Horus [Dajjal] to Gog and Magog who received this so-called revelation from a jinn in Egypt and wrote down the book}

Even if they (Gog and Magog) die, their plans are left and carried on via the next generation just like how surging of internal waves succeed each other to transfer energy as we will explain later below.

Chapter: The Tribulation That Will Come like Waves Of The Ocean: Hudhaifa reported: We were one day in the company of ‘Umar that he said: Who amongst you has preserved in his mind most perfectly the hadith of Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) in regard to the turmoil as he told about it? I said: It is I. Thereupon he said: You are bold (enough to make this claim). And he further said: How? I said: I heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: There would (first) be turmoil for a person in regard to his family, his property, his own self, his children, his neighbours (and the sins committed in their connection) would be expiated by fasting, prayer, charity, enjoining good and prohibiting evil. Thereupon ‘Umar said: I do not mean (that turmoil on a small scale) but that one which would emerge like the mounting waves of the ocean. I said: Commander of the Faithful, you have nothing to do with it, for the door is closed between you and that. He said: Would that door be broken or opened? I said: No, it would be broken. Thereupon he said: Then it would not be closed despite best efforts. We said to Hudhaifa: Did Umar know the door? Thereupon he said: Yes, he knew it (for certain) just as one knows that night precedes the next day. And I narrated to him something in which there was nothing fabricated. Shaqiq (one of the narrators) said: We dared not ask Hudhaifa about that door. So we requested Masruq to ask him. So he asked him and he said: (By that door, he meant) ‘Umar. [Sahih Muslim 144 d]

In our 92nd article of Gog and Magog we explained how Umar was acting as a barrier to Gog and Magog’s mischief. When re-reading our 92nd article don’t forget to liken Gog and Magog as surging waves. Our 92nd article can be read here: http://aljumaareminder.com/reminder/92-iarlg-yajuj-and-majuj-gog-and-magog-8-date-27th-november-2015-14th-or-15th-safar-1437/

Another point to pounder on was that Tamim Ad-Dari and his crew were tossed around by sea waves for a whole month and the waves brought them near the Island of the Dajjal. The sea waves most likely represent the top leaders Gog and Magog who know the Dajjal since they are working with him. We don’t know if we are over thinking this issue of waves but we thought it would be best to just mention it. Tamim Ad-Dari and his crew were not looking for the Dajjal but were forced to go meet him by the sea waves which means Allah planned it that way. Was it planned that way for us to reflect on the waves in relation to Gog and Magog’s relation to the Dajjal? Also Al-Jassassa informed the crew that Dajjal seemed to be expecting them and waiting for them eagerly; how did he know they were coming? Was he informed by Allah as he was informed about future events that he later on told the crew? We can be sure that no one besides Allah knows the unseen.

Since all the different languages are a sign of Allah as stated in (Qur’an 30:22) and these names of Ya’juj wa Ma’juj have no meanings in themselves as we could not find specific meanings via Quranic classical Arabic dictionaries; maybe we can pounder on the names as follows:  The Arabic name of Gog and Magog is Ya’juj wa Ma’juj. Both of these names seemed to be derived from the root word of waves mim-waw-jim. We have yamuju for surging which is similar to Ya’juj and mawjun for waves which is similar to Ma’juj. Whether this adds on as a proof, we felt it was quite interesting to note.

Allah knows best as to if all these contemplations are correct or not.


Best to understand all levels of Waves as they come crushing down:

By learning about all types of waves and why they occur more can be uncovered about Gog and Magog because they are the ones who surge. We are not specialists of the oceans and waves but we have collected some articles to assist as an overview. But before reading these articles; we need to explain how we reached the conclusion that all types (surging waves) have to be considered.

From (Qur’an 21:96) we read the last part of the Ayat as ‘and they (Gog and Magog) from every (kullii) high wave yansilūna. “  This word “every (kulli)” means we can learn how Gog and Magog work from every high wave.

Just like (Qur’an 21:35) where “Kullu (every) nafsin dhaiqatul mauti = every nafs is going to taste death”.  Is it some nafs or every/all (kullu) nafs that will taste death? All nafs will taste death! This is how we reached the conclusion that we can learn about Gog and Magog via their surging of every/all high waves.

Let us look at the root word n-s-l from (Qur’an 21:96)

Missing fourth

Missing fifth

Missing sixth

Missing seventh

From (Qur’an 21:96) we read the last part of the Ayat as ‘and they (Gog and Magog) from every high wave yansilūna.  From how the root word of yansilūna can be seen above, we can clearly translate the last part of (Qur’an 21:96) as:

  • ….and they (Gog and Magog) from every high wave come crushing down
  • ….and they (Gog and Magog) from every high wave leave progeny [when they attain high positions they place relatives and progeny even if they are corrupt and not fit to rule]

This gives us a view of the destruction of Gog and Magog from the surging wave as it goes up to its highest point and comes crushing down which is a form corruption. The highest surging wave that caused the ultimate destruction was the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate on 3rd March 1924 (27th Rajab 1342).

We say this is the highest form of destruction because the main reason this world was created was to ensure there is a Khalifa to rule the world according to Islam (Allah’s religion). There are two Ayats in the whole Quran where the world Khalifa is used:

And (remember) when your Lord said to the angels: “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.” They said: “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks (Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners) and sanctify You.” He (Allah) said: “I know that which you do not know.” (Qur’an 2:30)

O Dawud (David)! Verily! We have placed you as a successor on earth, so judge you between men in truth (and justice) and follow not your desire for it will mislead you from the Path of Allah. Verily! Those who wander astray from the Path of Allah (shall) have a severe torment, because they forgot the Day of Reckoning. (Qur’an 38:26)

This highest destruction could not have occurred without the surging waves of Gog and Magog. Think of it as the ultimate wave erosion. They destroyed the Islamic Caliphate and want to place the complete Dajjal system in place.

The Dajjal system as it is now is only in its early stages and it seems the final system they are working on is the New World Order where the Dajjal will act as the Khalifa for Satan (Iblis) on earth.

The highest wave that destroyed the Islamic Caliphate has come crushing down and therefore means that every point of destruction has been covered. This is because not following Allah’s commands will eventually lead to destruction/corruption. What corruption can compare to the destruction of a Khalifa system upon which was established by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) under the instructions of the Creator of the earth? And because of this corruption we see that the following Ayats have already occurred:

And there is prohibition upon [the people of] a town (Jerusalem) which We have destroyed that they will [ever] return. Until when Gog and Magog are let loose and they, from every high wave, come crushing down. (Qur’an 21:95-96)

Please read our 90th article from http://aljumaareminder.com/reminder/yajuj-and-majuj-gog-and-magog-6-date13th-november-2015-30th-muharram-or-1st-safar-1437/ to learn more about how we reached the conclusion that the town was Jerusalem.

One may wonder; did Gog and Magog really conquer all high waves before Israel (and Jerusalem in it) was declared as a state on 1st May 1949 (Sunday 2nd Rajab 1368 A.H.)? The answer can be answered as follows:

Those before them indeed plotted, but Allah struck at the foundation of their building, and then the roof fell down upon them, from above them, and the torment overtook them from directions they did not perceive. (Qur’an 16:26)

  • Though (Qur’an 16:26) is about the disbelievers plots being destroyed; we do learn that if the foundation of a building is destroyed everything else that was created above it will be destroyed.
  • The foundation of Muslims that was destroyed was not just the Caliphate system; but also the division of Muslims was easy to keep because the foundations of Muslims was not good. Even if there is a good leader amongst the Muslims but the followers (foundation) are no good; then it will still fall.
  • The fact that we lost the Khalifa is because the foundation was weak. Now it is difficult to bring up the Khalifa because Gog and Magog have started creating the Dajjal’s foundation. It is a stage we must go through as we will see in a hadith later.
  • One of the foundations that Gog and Magog began with is the creation of the UN (United Nations) in 24th October 1945 (18th Dhu’l-Qi’dah, 1364). Now instead of the Caliphate system set by Allah ruling the world; we have Gog and Magog ruling the world via the UN and other organizations not on Allah’s Laws but on democracy.
  • Notice that before 1st May 1949 (2nd Rajab 1368 A.H) all countries that had not yet joined the UN were colonized, meaning they were under Gog and Magog. Meaning Gog and Magog were already at every high point.
  • Notice that countries that gain independence later or earlier all followed had to follow a democratic manmade constitution.
  • The UN is just one of the foundations created by Gog and Magog. There are other powerful organizations that have existed that were in reality controlled by Gog and Magog behind the scenes such as the Soviet Union, the Vatican and even partially Hijaz (through Saudi family renaming Hijaz as Saudi Arabia).
  • This is just scratching the surface; it is very difficult to know who really is in control.
  • More on their control will be covered next week.


Now that the Islamic Caliphate has been destroyed and the Muslims are separated; the following Ayat applies:

And those who disbelieve are allies to one another, (and) if you (Muslims of the whole world collectively) do not do so (i.e. become allies, as one united block with one Khalifah – chief Muslim ruler for the whole Muslim world to make victorious Allah’s Religion of Islamic Monotheism), there will be Fitnah (wars, battles, polytheism, etc.) and oppression on earth, and a great mischief and corruption (appearance of polytheism). (Qur’an 8:73)

This is why as long as Gog and Magog destroyed the foundation of the Muslims and the roof meaning the Khalifa came trumbling down by the Permission of Allah; that is why it is at that point every surging wave of destruction has been reached.

To further add on that is that Gog and Magog’s epicenter of growth was the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate thanks to previous joined forces of past/pprevious Gog and Magog. The creation of the state of Israel is the continuation of the rest of Gog and Magog after the destruction of the Islamic Caliphate and the mark pointed out in (Qur’an 21:96).

And hence they (Gog and Magog of all ages and places) are considered as one group in (Qur’an 21:96). Think about this (Qur’an 3:181-183):

Indeed, Allah has heard the statement of those (Jews) who say: “Truly, Allah is poor and we are rich!” We shall record what they have said and their killing of the Prophets unjustly, and We shall say: “Taste you the torment of the burning (Fire).” This is because of that (evil) which your hands have sent before you. And certainly, Allah is never unjust to (His) slaves. Those (Jews) who said: “Verily, Allah has taken our promise not to believe in any Messenger unless he brings to us an offering which the fire (from heaven) shall devour.” Say: “Verily, there came to you Messengers before me, with clear signs and even with what you speak of; why then did you kill them, if you are truthful?” (Qur’an 3:181-183)

Did the jews during Prophet Muhammad (SAW) time kill any Prophet? This is not the case because there is a difference of 600 years between Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and ‘Iesa (Jesus) so considering the jews’ life spans, it was not possible for them to have killed any Prophet when the Ayat was revealed. Why then were they addressed as if they killed them?

The reason is simple; Allah states that He is never unjust to His slaves. Since Allah knows the future, present and past; He knows what one can do if placed in a certain scenario. If those jews were living in the time of ‘Iesa (Jesus) they would have tried to kill him and this proved true when the jews tried multiple times to assassinate Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Since these Ayats apply to jews who say such statements even after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) implies that they are similar if given the chance. All what they can do now is just try to kill the Sunnah left behind by our Prophet.

Hope this helps to understand why Allah addresses the whole of Gog and Magog as responsible for destroying the Islamic Caliphate and formation of the state of Israel. Gog and Magog of different ages come across the Quran which is timeless and they act in the same way because their hearts are alike. An example can be seen in (Qur’an 2:118).

And those who have no knowledge say: “Why does not Allah speak to us (face to face) or why does not a sign come to us?” So said the people before them words of similar import. Their hearts are alike, We have indeed made plain the signs for people who believe with certainty. (Qur’an 2:118)

Also another interesting hadith to pounder on:

Thauban reported that the messenger of Allah said: “It is near that the nations will call one another against you just as the eaters call one another to their dishes.” Somebody asked: “Is this because we will be few in numbers that day?” He said: “Nay, but that day you shall be numerous, but you will be like the foam of the sea, and Allah will take the fear of you away from your enemies and will place weakness into your hearts.” Somebody asked: “What is this weakness?” He said: “The love of the world and the dislike of death.” (Abu Daud)

Before we analyze further, one needs to realize that preferring Dunya over the Hereafter can render you a disbeliever.

Whoever disbelieved in Allah after his belief, except him who is forced thereto and whose heart is at rest with Faith but such as open their breasts to disbelief, on them is wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a great torment. That is because they loved and preferred the life of this world over that of the Hereafter. And Allah guides not the people who disbelieve. They are those upon whose hearts, hearing (ears) and sight (eyes) Allah has set a seal. And they are the heedless! No doubt, in the Hereafter, they will be the losers. (Qur’an 16:106-109)

Realize that the disbelievers (Gog and Magog) will in the Hereafter also admit that there were heedless and were Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc) as can be seen in (Qur’an 21:97). It is very dangerous to be amongst the Zalimun. 

  • 1st is because they must be punished in the Hereafter if Allah does not pardon them: …Verily there is a painful torment for the Zalimun.” (Qur’an 14:22)
  • 2nd you risk being a disbeliever: …And it is the disbelievers who are the Zalimun (Qur’an 2:254)


We know that surging waves are more powerful than foam, right?

Look around us Muslims; many things are out of control. Interest (Usury) for example has become so common that there is a hadith stating that even if we claim not to deal with it the specks of it has touched us.

The scenario looks quite depressing because we have Muslims who love the world and dislike death as a majority and the fitnah keeps on growing and growing. Will we ever be able to unite and build the foundation to create a Khalifa?

Many Muslim political analysts speculate that the world of Islam can never return to what it was once. But what did our Prophet (SAW) say about Islam in the end of history?

It was narrated by Ahmed in his Musnad, from Al-Nu’man b. Bashir, who said: “We were sitting in the mosque of the Messenger of Allah (saw), and Bashir was a man who did not speak much, so Abu Tha’labah Al-Khashnee came and said: ‘Oh, Bashir bin Sa’ad, have you memorized the words of the Messenger of Allah (saw) regarding the rulers?’ Huthayfah replied, ‘I have memorized his words’. So Abu Tha’labah sat down and Huthayfah said, ‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) said ‘Prophet-hood will be amongst you as long as Allah wishes, then He will lift it up when He wishes to lift it up. Then there will be a Khilafah on the way of the Prophet, and it will be as long as Allah wishes it to be, then Allah will lift it up when He wishes to lift it up. Then there will be an inheritance/hereditary rule/leadership (ملكًا عاضًا), and it will last as long as Allah wishes it to, then Allah will lift it up if when He wishes to lift it up. Then there will be a [biting oppression] [coercive rule](ملكًا جبرية), and it will last as long as Allah wishes it to be, then Allah will lift it up when He wishes to lift it up. Then there will be a Khilafah on the way of Prophet-hood.’ Then he was silent. ”Reference: Masnad Ahmed bin Hanbal (Hadith # 18430) , As-Saheeha al-Albani (Hadith # 5). It has been declared Hasan by Sh’uaib Arnaoot, and al-Albani classified it as Sahih. The text quoted is the one from Masnad Ahmed.

The whole Muslim Ummah has not yet reached collectively the coercive rule outlined in the hadith above. We won’t deny that there are Muslims who are currently being oppressed and tortured but we believe that when Gog and Magog bring out the Dajjal in person and his system is when this coercive rule will really take place for the whole Muslim Ummah collectively.

The fitnah that will be brought by the Dajjal in person is not to be underestimated since every Prophet since Nuh warned of his fitnah.

Ibn ’Umar (RAA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ”He who imitates any people (in their actions) is considered to be one of them.” Related by Abu Dawud and Ibn Hibban graded it as Sahih. [Remember that Gog and Magog are also a people]

Look at boss nations in the world today and even what has replaced the Islamic Caliphate. There is an inheritance (hereditary) rule/leadership. You might say this does not apply to all nations.

Let us consider the following:

  • Gog and Magog have removed the Caliphate system that was supposed to rule the world and has placed a constitution system. Leaders leave and others come and go.
  • What remains the same? The constitution system which might have a few changes because our desires also have to be taken into consideration such as ensuring homosexuality is allowed, right?
  • Why is the system of constitution still continuing? It is because the ones that come in accept the system and hence qualify to be considered as part of Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog can’t have random people be leaders; the leaders have to really ensure that the constitution system proceeds and if you go out of line; they remove/kill you.
  • Every leader that comes in power swears via the Quran or Bible to Allah that he/she will ensure that the democratic manmade constitution is implemented at all costs. Therefore as an example one goes on to collect tax money from gambling sites despite the fact that gambling has been made impermissible in both the Quran and the Bible by Allah. They swear by Allah not to implement what is in His Books but to implement what is manmade. If this is not the ultimate form of hypocrisy; we don’t know what is.

Abu Hurairah reported that whilst the prophet, Allah blessed him and granted him peace, was talking, a Bedouin came to him and asked: “When will the hour come to pass?” He replied: “Wait for the hour when trust will be destroyed.” He asked, how it would be destroyed, and he said: “Wait for the hour when the rule will be entrusted to those who don’t deserve it.” (Bukhari)




Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “On the day of Resurrection Allah will say, ‘O Adam!’ Adam will reply, ‘Labbaik our Lord, and Sa`daik ‘ Then there will be a loud call (saying), Allah orders you to take from among your offspring a mission for the (Hell) Fire.’ Adam will say, ‘O Lord! Who are the mission for the (Hell) Fire?’ Allah will say, ‘Out of each thousand, take out 999.’ At that time every pregnant female shall drop her load (have a miscarriage) and a child will have grey hair. And you shall see mankind as in a drunken state, yet not drunk, but severe will be the torment of Allah.” (22.2) (When the Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned this), the people were so distressed (and afraid) that their faces got changed (in color) whereupon the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “From Gog and Magog nine-hundred ninety-nine will be taken out and one from you. You Muslims (compared to the large number of other people) will be like a black hair on the side of a white ox, or a white hair on the side of a black ox, and I hope that you will be one-fourth of the people of Paradise.” On that, we said, “Allahu-Akbar!” Then he said, “I hope that you will be) one-third of the people of Paradise.” We again said, “Allahu-Akbar!” Then he said, “(I hope that you will be) one-half of the people of Paradise.” So we said, Allahu Akbar.” [Bukhari USC-MSA web (English) reference: Vol. 6, Book 60, Hadith 265; Arabic reference: Book 65, Hadith 4741]

From the hadith above it becomes very clear that all you have to do to be part of Gog and Magog is to stop being a Muslim. In the time they are released, you are either a Muslim or part of Gog and Magog according to this hadith above. Only two categories have been highlighted. Disbelievers & hypocrites all fall into the category of Gog and Magog. Believers fall into the category of Muslims.

Gog and Magog are disbelievers and that is why the Ayats that follow (Qur’an 18:99) and (Qur’an 21:96) classifies them as disbelievers and wrong doers.

And on that Day We shall present Hell to the disbelievers, plain to view, (to) Those whose eyes had been under a covering from My Reminder (this Qur’an), and who could not bear to hear (it). (Qur’an 18:100-101)

And the true promise shall draw near (of fulfillment). Then, you shall see the eyes of the disbelievers fixedly stare in horror. (They will say): “Woe to us! We were indeed heedless of this; nay, but we were Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.).” (Qur’an 21:97)

Ibn ’Umar (RAA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ”He who imitates any people (in their actions) is considered to be one of them.” Related by Abu Dawud and Ibn Hibban graded it as Sahih. [Remember that Gog and Magog are also a people]

You need to keep on searching on how to be a better Muslim every day. There are only two sides to choose from. You can’t have loyalties with both sides; can you have loyalties to both Fir’aun and Musa? Can you have loyalties to both Salih and the evil leaders of his time?

The people of Thamud: There were nine people in the village/city who planned to kill the camel, [See (Qur’an 27:48-53]. The wicked of them went forth and killed the camel and hence Allah destroyed them because of their sin and made them equal in destruction. Salih and the believers had emigrated out of this. You are either with the disbelievers or with the believers; you can’t be in both sides or in between. Allah clearly says in (Qur’an 27:45) that when their brother Salih was sent to Thamud telling them to Woship Allah Alone they became two parties. The most evil person that went forth to kill the she-camel from the 9 evil ones and the ones who didn’t want to worship Allah and were not concerned with the camel were grouped in the party of the disbelievers. Those people who didn’t follow Salih or the evil 9 people were also destroyed because they supported it by not caring about Allah’s Commands. [See (Qur’an 91:11-15). Allah clearly tells us what saved the believers in (Qur’an 27:53) below:

And there were in the city nine men, who made mischief in the land, and would not reform. They said: “Swear one to another by Allah that we shall make a secret night attack on him and his household, and afterwards we will surely say to his near relatives: “We witnessed not the destruction of his household, and verily we are telling the truth.” So they plotted a plot, and We planned a plan, while they perceived not. (Qur’an 27:48-50)

And We saved those who believed, and used to fear Allah, and keep their duty to Him. (Qur’an 27:53)

Notice that the evil people of Thamud knew Allah and even dared to swear by Allah not in front of other people but just amongst themselves privately. This is further proof that of Gog and Magog know their Lord but some have decided to become aethiest (not acknowledge Allah at all) and some decided to at least acknowledge His existence but not to follow His Commands nor to obey His Messenger but to associate partners with Him.

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Gog and Magog people dig every day until, when they can almost see the rays of the sun, the one in charge of them says: “Go back and we will dig it tomorrow.” Then Allah puts it back, stronger than it was before. (This will continue) until, when their time has come, and Allah wants to send them against the people, they will dig until they can almost see the rays of the sun, then the one who is in charge of them will say: “Go back, and we will dig it tomorrow if Allah wills.’ So they (Gog and Magog) will say: “If Allah wills.” Then they will come back to it and it will be as they left it. So they will dig and will come out to the people, and they will drink all the water…….[ Sunan Ibn Majah 4080] [Sahih]

There are many things we can learn from [Sunan Ibn Majah 4080]; we will highlight two of them:

  • Since there is one who is in charge of them truly shows that they have leaders and they have a concept of following his orders from their leader.
  • Since they will mention “If Allah wills” at one point means they know Allah.


We have no right to judge anyone but please pounder at the time the horrific injustices that were done and the time these statements were made really shows how people do evil but still include Allah in their statements as justifications.


We have George Bush who was president when 911 took place and was responsible for many sufferings n the middle east after 911 & Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the Holocaust

And of mankind, there are some (hypocrites) who say: “We believe in Allah and the Last Day” while in fact they believe not. They (think to) deceive Allah and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive (it) not! In their hearts is a disease and Allah has increased their disease. A painful torment is theirs because they used to tell lies. And when it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the earth,” they say: “We are only peacemakers.” Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not. And when it is said to them: “Believe as the people have believed,” they say: “Shall we believe as the fools have believed?” Verily, they are the fools, but they know not. And when they meet those who believe, they say: “We believe,” but when they are alone with their Shayatin (devils – polytheists, hypocrites, etc.), they say: “Truly, we are with you; verily, we were but mocking.” (Qur’an 2:8-14)

Believe it or not; but there are some of Gog and Magog who take Satan (Iblis) as a direct close friend and take Allah as a direct enemy and it is these who are mostly the leaders of Gog and Magog and they keep themselves hidden.  They take the messengers of Satan (Iblis/Lucifer) such as Alister Crowley very seriously. According to our observation; these kind of people that take Allah as direct enemy are like internal waves which are themselves hidden.




Allah says:

(This is) a Book (the Qur’an) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its Verses, and that men of understanding may remember. (Qur’an 38:29)

Now please find the following articles below for you to pounder on how Gog and Magog work. It would be difficult to know about how Gog and Magog work without studying about waves; and Allah knows best. It may not be a must to know how they work to get to Paradise but it would be best to know about them because of this motivation from (Qur’an 58:11). You will be granted knowledge if you strive hard and ask Allah for knowledge which is what we have to do.

Allah will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge. And Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do. (Qur’an 58:11)

As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths (i.e. Allah’s Religion – Islamic Monotheism). And verily, Allah is with the Muhsinun (good doers).” (Qur’an 29:69)

Then High above all be Allah, the True King. And be not in haste (O Muhammad SAW) with the Qur’an before its revelation is completed to you, and say: “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. (Qur’an 20:114)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” [Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74]

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “One who treads a path in search of knowledge has his path to Paradise made easy by Allah…” [Riyadh us-Saleheen, 245]


An example of pondering over surging of waves via the articles below can be as follows:

Some of Gog and Magog surge but we just feel their effects without knowing/realizing that they actually surged. These Gog and Magog are the surging of internal waves which can’t be seen or noticed easily. There are many groups of Gog and Magog who aim at corruption but let us take a look at the 12th minute and 9th second of the video series “THE CHOICE – Chapter 3 Part 1 – The Rise of an Ancient Power.”

“What’s more in our lab our investigator’s made an alarming discovery. A magnified view reveals an unnoticeable dot, a period on the final sentence on the page is actually a seal, it is the unfinished pyramid with an eye and triangle above it, a mark used by the secret societies since its creation in 1776.”

Eg1 Eg1.1 Eg1.2 Eg1.3


Another example of pondering over surging of waves via the articles below can be as follows:

From the series, AGE OF THE DAJJAL: For a long time secret societies have plotted from behind the shadows and as you know they have been pulling the strings for decades. They plan and plot using their vast resources to deceive the entire world. One may wonder how these occults manage to keep their agenda active for many decades. Eventually humans pass away. In most cases, man will pass away before reaching the old age of 100.

In fact based on the statistics gathered by the United Nations (2005-2010) Japan has the highest overall expectancy rate which is 82 years of age. Death strikes all humans and no one can or will escape death. Hence this can make one wonder if the highest overall life expectancy rate is 82 years of age, then how do occults manage to pass their beliefs and traditions and their goals to the next generation in order to achieve a New World Order?

Members of the elite (secret societies/occults) are humans and their life expectancy is no greater than average human beings; so how do the agendas manage to survive so long? The answer can be found in Islam in (Qur’an 15:36-38)

[Iblis (Satan)] said: “O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day they will be resurrected.” Allah said: “Then, verily, you are of those reprieved till the Day of the time appointed.” (Qur’an 15:36-38)

It is Satan (Iblis), who is the element behind the existence of the elite’s agenda and it is he who keeps it alive; since he has been given respite till the Day of Resurrection. He has been on the mission to mislead mankind since the beginning of time till now from following the Laws of Allah.

The human beings (Gog and Magog) within the occults will die like all humans do at some point in their lives, hence they cannot live centuries to accomplish the New World Order but Satan (Iblis) who they worship and take orders from is immortal and he will continue to be until the Day of Judgement since he has been given this respite by Allah.

Therefore it is he, who keeps the mission of achieving the satanic new world order alive. He has done so in the past and is acting on this in the present era and will continue developing on this action with the coming times. When old members fade away, they are replaced by new faces who strive in the name of the satanic agenda. Satan (Iblis) has influenced them to war against Allah. They plot night and day and never cease to stop in their cause.

Satan (Iblis) has achieved all this through lies and deception, fooling those who bow down to him and strive to create the New World Order on the earth for the Dajjal to appear in person. Promising some eternal life which he cannot possible give since he himself asked Allah for respite. He lies and informs others of how the heat of the fire of Hell has been overcome and is no more than a place in which all his followers will celebrate.

You see, it is Satan’s (Iblis’s) word against his followers since his followers are astray religion, therefore they don’t what occurs after death as they witness his magic (since he is a jinn) they end up regarding him as a mighty being.

Bill Schnoebelen (Former Freemason):…The Satanic doctrine is that Hell is not what we believe it is or what the Bible teaches it is; the satanic doctrine is that Hell is this incredible party and it’s like a nonstop all eternity orgy. So you are smoking dob, you are fornicating your brains out, you are listening to rock and roll for all eternity and it’s party hardy time whereas we were told that heaven is a place where losers that couldn’t stand the dark violent ecstasies of Hell would just sit up there and just stay bored silly for all eternity, so we thought Hell was better.

From the series, THE CHOICE: We know Satan (Iblis) has told his followers from the human race (Gog and Magog) that Adam and Hawa (Eve) were trapped in the Garden of Eden by Allah but Allah clearly states in the Qur’an that He was the One who gave Adam (PBUH) intellect and taught him the names of everything. Satan (Iblis) promises his followers ‘enlightenment’ and ‘illumination’ in this world and that after death, his followers are promised to be immortal ‘gods’ “like himself” but they were deceived by the cursed one and they shall all suffer from the anger of Allah. Posing as ‘Lucifer’ the ‘sun god’, the ‘Sustainer of Light’, Satan (Iblis) was able to deceive thousands of generations by trying to ensure they worship the sun and it becomes fair-seeming to them as we explained in our 79th and 120th articles.

Compare all this data with surging waves: Waves are created by energy passing through the water. Waves transmit energy, not water, across the ocean and if not obstructed by anything, they have the potential to travel across an entire ocean basin.

This applies to Gog and Magog who are working for the New World Order; which is Dajjal’s system. Since Gog and Magog are normal human beings and they have normal lifespans like normal human beings:

  • The energy which is the Dajjal moves the waves (Gog and Magog) till the point they die out and other waves (Gog and Magog) from that same energy are used to further ensure the New World Order continues.
  • The waves (Gog and Magog) carry the evil energy of Dajjal mainly the New World Order from one place to another; other waves (Gog and Magog) pick up the New World Order from where it was left off and propels it further for the next wave to carry it further.

What this all boils down to, is that Gog, Magog, Satan (Iblis), the Dajjal and other evil jinns are helping each other to take forward this New World Order. That is why when ‘Iesa will kill the Dajjal; Gog and Magog will be in a confused state but since they will still miraculously be against Allah is when they will shoot their arrows up to try to kill Allah.


IARLG Comment’s:

Islam is a religion of balance. While it is true that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions tried locating the Dajjal in their time but they still did their other duties that Allah ordered them to do. Don’t lean on one side only. Meaning don’t only try to find the Dajjal to the point you don’t pray on time and don’t give out Zakat in time etc.

And don’t just focus on some parts of Islam because doing so will leave you oblivious to who really is in control. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) even though Allah granted him protection before he left Mecca still planned and used spies to teach us Muslims the importance of planning. And seeing how he and his companions tried to locate the Dajjal in their time who was assumed to be Ibn Sayyid proves that it is a Sunnah to try to locate the Dajjal. Muslims have gone to the extreme of not trying to look for the Dajjal while our Prophet and his companions did this. It is through looking for the Dajjal that people realized that Gog and Magog have been released and are actually working hard to ensure the Dajjal arrives in person.

Our 140th article ends here



Why does the ocean have waves? Source: http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/wavesinocean.html

Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion.

The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. However, water does not actually travel in waves. Waves transmit energy, not water, across the ocean and if not obstructed by anything, they have the potential to travel across an entire ocean basin.

Waves are most commonly caused by wind. Wind-driven waves, or surface waves, are created by the friction between wind and surface water. As wind blows across the surface of the ocean or a lake, the continual disturbance creates a wave crest. These types of waves are found globally across the open ocean and along the coast.

More potentially hazardous waves can be caused by severe weather, like a hurricane. The strong winds and pressure from this type of severe storm causes storm surge, a series of long waves that are created far from shore in deeper water and intensify as they move closer to land. Other hazardous waves can be caused by underwater disturbances that displace large amounts of water quickly such as earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions. These very long waves are called tsunamis. Storm surge and tsunamis are not the types of waves you imagine crashing down on the shore. These waves roll upon the shore like a massive sea level rise and can reach far distances inland.

The gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the earth also causes waves. These waves are tides or, in other words, tidal waves. It is a common misconception that a tidal wave is also a tsunami. The cause of tsunamis are not related to tide information at all but can occur in any tidal state.


Waves are caused by energy passing through the water, causing the water to move in a circular motion. Source: http://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/facts/waves.html

Looking out at the ocean, one often sees a seemingly infinite series of waves, as far as the eye can see, transporting water from one place to the next. Though waves do cause the surface water to move, the idea that waves are travelling bodies of water is misleading.

Waves are actually energy passing through the water, causing it to move in a circular motion, much like a buoy or seabird floating on the surface. When a wave encounters a surface object, the object appears to lurch forward and upward with the wave, but then falls down and back in an orbital rotation as the wave continues by, ending up in the same position as before the wave came by. If one imagines wave water itself following this same pattern, it is easier to understand ocean waves as simply the outward manifestation of kinetic energy propagating through seawater. In reality, the water in waves doesn’t travel much at all. The only thing waves do transmit across the sea is energy.

The idea of waves being energy movement rather than water movement makes sense in the open ocean, but what about on the coast, where waves are clearly seen crashing down dramatically onto shore? This phenomenon is a result of the wave’s orbital motion being disturbed by the seafloor. As a wave passes through water, not only does the surface water follow an orbital motion, but a column of water below it (down to half of the wave’s wavelength) completes the same movement. The approach of the bottom in shallow areas causes the lower portion of the wave to slow down and compress, forcing the wave’s crest higher in the air. Eventually this imbalance in the wave reaches a breaking point, and the crest comes crashing down as wave energy is dissipated into the surf.

Still, where does a wave’s energy come from? There are a few types of ocean waves and they are generally classified by the energy source that creates them. Most common are surface waves, caused by wind blowing along the air-water interface, creating a disturbance that steadily builds as wind continues to blow and the wave crest rises. Surface waves occur constantly all over the globe, and are the waves you see at the beach under normal conditions.

Adverse weather or natural events often produce larger and potentially hazardous waves. Severe storms moving inland often create a storm surge, a long wave caused by high winds and a continued low pressure area. Storm surges are a minor disturbance in deep water, often less than one meter high, but intensify as they move into shallower water. Submarine earthquakes or landslides can displace a large amount of water very quickly, creating a series of very long waves called tsunamis. Storm surges and tsunamis do not create a typical crashing wave, but rather a massive sea-level rise upon reaching shore and can be extremely destructive to coastal environments as well as human settlements.


The Waves Within the Waves; Scientists stalk the mysterious phenomenon of internal waves; By Leslie G. Baehr :: Originally published online December 18, 2014; Source: http://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/feature/the-waves-within-the-waves

If the 30-foot wave we were looking for had tumbled across the ocean’s surface that July day, it might have been mistaken for a monstrous rogue wave. But that’s not where this wave rolled. This wave surged within the ocean—deep beneath the surface.

Passing underneath us, the giant wave would reveal itself to our trained eyes only in the form of subtle alternating bands of rough and smooth water on the sea surface. But to most people, it would seem that the Atlantic was acting like its usual sleepy Monday self—irritable, but nothing very much out of the ordinary.

Scientists have a name for this phenomenon—internal waves. By definition, internal waves occur in the deep, well beyond people’s purview. Scientists have generated miniature internal waves in small tanks in the lab, but out in the wild, they’re as elusive as a white horse in a snowstorm.

Our boat rocked back and forth in the sticky midmorning sun as we waited for the sinuous beast to slither beneath our boat. It was 10:40 a.m., just thirty minutes into the four-hour time window when we expected to see the wave. Massachusetts Bay glistened—silver confetti on the navy blue sea—as though to celebrate the watery behemoth’s pending arrival.

“There’s a slick here, Jesús,” said Vicke Starczak, a researcher at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), “A couple of them, one at least.”

A “slick,” or line of smooth water, usually preceded by a rough line of water, is the subtle footprint of an internal wave that manifests itself on the sea surface. Satellites see them as mammoth U-shaped forms radiating outward, but on the water we’d see only the rough-smooth bands stretching for miles until they bumped up against the horizon and faded into the sky.

“It does look like an internal wave slick. It might be,” said Jesús Pineda, a biologist at WHOI. “It might not.”


Layers in the ocean

Pineda had set up camp on the port side of the boat, staring intently at his laptop, as he would do for the rest of the day. The screen displayed a picture of the ocean, gleaned from a scientific instrument called an echosounder that was hung off the back of the boat. Like an ultrasound device in a hospital, an echosounder uses sound waves to paint a picture of objects and structure in the ocean. Denser things, such as the seafloor, showed up in yellow, orange, or red colors on the computer screen. Most of the ambient water appeared a sapphire blue. The screen and its echosounder readings were our only real-time way to “see” the internal waves, save for the slicks.

Other than some yellow-green blobs (fish), and the orange seafloor, one notable detail caught my eye on Pineda’s computer screen: a mysterious and diffuse turquoise layer from the surface down to about 15 feet. It gave the echosounder image the appearance of a bottle of unmixed salad dressing—turquoise oil sitting atop sapphire vinegar. The turquoise was warmer, less dense water sitting atop a sapphire layer of cooler, heavier water.

Where these layers met was known as the interface, Pineda explained. Off New England, this stratification of the ocean occurs only in the warm months of the year when the penetrating sun heats the top part of the sea.

Pineda glanced out the cabin window. Slicks appeared to be approaching. “There’s one, there’s two, and there’s three,” he said. A large green blob appeared on Pineda’s screen. “Oh, wow,” Pineda said. The blob got bigger. “I just really hope this is the wave,” he said. The blob continued its journey left across the screen, but never developed the telltale signature squiggle of an internal wave.

“So maybe that was not the wave,” Pineda said.

“It was a lot of action whatever it was,” Starczak said.


‘Dead water’

In 1893 the Norwegian arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen found his three-masted schooner held at a near-stop in Russia’s Kara Sea, “as if by some mysterious force,” he wrote in his expedition diaries published as Farthest North. The ship would not answer to the helm. “We made loops in our course, turned sometimes right around, tried all sorts of antics to get clear of it,” but to little effect. The ship would not budge. “Dead water,” he called it.

The mysterious force beneath Nansen’s schooner was an internal wave. The water directly below his ship was less salty because melting sea ice added lighter fresh water at the ocean surface. A saltier, denser layer of water below completed the cocktail. Then, the interface between the two layers did something sneaky. It stole the energy from Nansen’s ship.

“Put another way, some of the energy from the ship’s propulsion system was siphoned off into internal waves, rather than used to move the boat forward efficiently,” WHOI physical oceanographer Karl Helfrich said.

Internal waves are triggered when some energy is applied to the interface between different-density water layers, Helfrich explained. The water layers don’t mix. The interface remains intact. The waves move along this interface much the way waves on the ocean surface move along the interface between two other fluids with different densities—air and water. For waves at the surface, winds often apply the trigger, lifting water that gravity forces downward again, creating a rippling wave.

Within the ocean, the trigger can be the propulsion energy from a ship, as it was in Nansen’s case, or it could be tidal motions. Or the interface can flow into a protruding seafloor feature like a mountain and run upward or dip downward like a car on a roller coaster.

Internal waves are so much larger than surface waves because it takes far more energy to “lift” a mass of water into the air, than it does to lift that same mass of water into another less-dense mass of water, Helfrich said. Underwater, you get more bang for your energetic buck. In the China Sea, these waves can be on the order of 200 feet.

Because they are so large and globally ubiquitous, internal waves are hidden cogs in the inner clockworks of the ocean. They play powerful and still unknown roles in transferring heat, energy, water masses, and nutrients throughout the ocean.

Twelve decades after Nansen, here we were in Massachusetts Bay awaiting internal waves triggered by a large, deep feature sitting right below us in Massachusetts Bay. It wasn’t until fairly recently that anyone knew what that feature was.


Time and tides

Scientists began studying the internal waves of Massachusetts Bay in the 1970s. But while they could detect the presence of internal waves via echosounders, it was difficult to find the waves’ source. In the late ’70s, using satellite images, scientists discerned that internal waves emanating through the area were generated in the vicinity of (and were likely triggered by) Stellwagen Bank, a large underwater plateau. For almost four decades, Stellwagen Bank was the only known source of internal waves in Massachusetts Bay.

Then in 2008, WHOI visiting scientist José da Silva and Helfrich took another look at the satellite archives and noticed different waves. “At first, he was looking at the waves from Stellwagen Bank,” Pineda said of da Silva, “but eventually looking at all these images, it hit him that there were these waves that had not been described before.”

Internal waves were churning out of Race Point Channel—a cut in the ocean floor, 160 feet deep and several miles long, sandwiched by Stellwagen Bank to the north and the tip of Cape Cod to the south. Some of those waves intersected the southwestern tip of Stellwagen Bank, where we were looking for them on that Monday in July.

“More slicks,” said Pineda shortly before noon. “This one looks real. This one has ripples behind it.”

If we did see the wave, Pineda said, it would appear on the screen as depression, because the wave didn’t veer upward, but moved downward like a U. Whether an internal wave moves upward or downward depends on the depth of the interface. If the interface is relatively shallow compared to the total water depth, it leaves no room for the wave to go up, so it has to move down.

So, we were waiting for a U-shape to appear on the screen four to eight hours after low tide.

It would go like this: The outgoing tide would force water through the narrow Race Point Channel, converging like a ten-car pile up in a spot where four lanes merge into one. When the tide changed to incoming—6:10 a.m. on this particular day—the pileup would suddenly release, creating bumps or wiggles in the interface between density layers that would radiate outward and head back our way reaching us some time between about 10:10 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.

Where the internal wave swooped down, waters at the surface become rougher; where the internal wave rebounded up, surface waters form a smooth slick. That’s what created those bands of rough and slick water on the surface that we were looking for.

“Oh, this looks like a slick. It’s just coming, right Vicke?” Pineda said. “It might be, hmm?”

“It might be,” Starczak said.

“This might be it,” Pineda said excitedly, then quickly added, “It’s better not to say anything.”


A waiting game

To spot an internal wave requires scientific equipment, of course, but also a boatload of persistence, patience and, perhaps most critically, luck. To the poet’s delight and the scientist’s lament, the ocean has always been the paradigm of impossible complexity. Science has never quite been able to predict ocean surface movements, much less the movements of internal waves.

Yes, tidal forces generate the internal waves and tides are predictable, but once the waves form, they are subject to an assembly line of ocean dynamics that can perturb them as they roll along. In the lab, internal waves can be generated and variables isolated, “but the ocean doesn’t respect that,” Helfrich said. “It says, ‘OK, you’ve got this theory. That’s fine, but I’m more complicated than that.’ ”

“Once they generate, they are free to move,” Pineda said. “Depending on many things, the waves go faster and slower.”

The speed of the waves (and therefore their arrival times) can differ depending on assorted factors: the net density difference of the layers above and below the interface, how deep the water is, the size of the wave (larger waves travel faster), the currents, etc.

Today, the internal waves appeared to be taking their sweet time. Starczak came over to glance at Pineda’s screen.

“Nada,” Pineda said.

“Nada,” Starczak said.

“But it did look like something,” he said.

“It did,” she replied as the slick that looked like something passed underneath us and the interface on the screen sat mockingly still.


Where the waves are …

What was Pineda, a biologist, doing investigating physics and oceanography?

Around 2008, two things came across Pineda’s desk. The first was a map of the newly discovered Race Point internal waves, the waves studied by da Silva and Helfrich. The second were some figures on whale aggregations in the area. It appeared that both the waves and the whales had received an invitation to the same party, because both inhabited the exact same area.

“When I saw the map, and I saw the internal waves of my friend (da Silva), I said ‘Wow, that is a very interesting coincidence,’ ” Pineda said. Could the two be linked? he wondered. Internal waves concentrating plankton. Plankton attracting fish. Fish enticing whales.

It appeared that Pineda and his team were on to something. “The first year we came out, it was like being in a circus. Whales off the side. Sand lance, and birds,” Starczak said. Sand lance are thin, silvery fish—a prey for humpback whales. “We thought we had nailed it.”

That happened for two days straight. Seven years ago. Then it all stopped.

There were still internal waves, but there were hardly any whales or fish. After a lengthy bout of next to nothing on the whale count, and years of sitting in the same spot for about six days every year, something else caught Pineda’s eye: dogfish.

“Lots of dogfish,” he said, or small sharks. And the sharks appeared to be responding to the internal waves. When the waves came, the dogfish huddled toward the bottom. Once the waves passed, the fish redistributed themselves, dispersing more evenly throughout the water column.

“When I started to be a scientist, I knew you have to have all these hypotheses and predictions and test the predictions,” Pineda said. “When I grew up, I learned that in some cases, yes, that’s very powerful, but in some other cases, unexpected observations hit you in the head.”


Just passing through

So far today, there were no waves, few fish, and even fewer whales.

“It’s just the doldrums,” Starczak said, “It’s so variable from year to year.”

High tide came and went with little action except for imitation internal wave slicks, a whale or two, and a few dogfish. I was beginning to think that maybe, as some of Pineda’s guest students liked to joke, there were no such thing as internal waves at all. “Not today, I guess,” Pineda said.

It was about 3:20 p.m., an hour past our window for internal waves.

The heat had given way to a thick milky fog. Pineda got up to get his lunch from the boat’s miniature kitchen, then sat back down at his seat in front of the computer to guard the interface. Maybe it was because we had awakened at 4 a.m. to get here, or maybe it was the constant vigilance juxtaposed with disappointment, but time seemed to be passing in slow motion. And then …

“There’s sort of a slick out here,” Starczak said pointing over to starboard. We all glanced over and sure enough, on Pineda’s screen, the turquoise top layer seemed to be dipping into the sapphire bottom one in what would have scaled to a 30-foot U-shape. Then another one, almost an echo of the first. Looking outside, the boat appeared to be sandwiched between slicks.

Pineda scurried excitedly up the ladder to the bridge where two crew members and three volunteer whale spotters kept watch. “It’s rougher, right?!” Pineda asked the crew as we rocked back and forth as though on a seesaw.

“It changed dramatically!” one volunteer said with wonderment.

“We really started to rock,” said another.

It felt as though a mythical beast had past through our midst. We had seen and felt an internal wave.

But we had seen few whales. “I wish there was a relationship with internal waves and the whales,” but there wasn’t, Pineda said. “Not here.”

That didn’t mean Pineda was done with internal waves. “We have so much data. Beautiful data!” he said—that he and his colleagues will begin to investigate why Stellwagen Bank is such a famously fecund commercial fishing ground. “It’s physics,” said Pineda, the biologist, “but what physics?”

How internal waves work on Stellwagen Bank and how they may affect the region’s productivity are still uncharted waters.

“How can you even begin to start looking at something with so many variables?” asked one of the volunteers aboard.

“Start with one thing at a time,” Pineda said, sitting back into his chair to keep a watchful eye on the interface.

This research was supported by WHOI Sea Grant, the WHOI Marine Mammal Center, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and volunteer marine mammal observers who participated in the cruises.


Skyscraper-Sized Waves Are Hidden Below the Surface Source: http://www.seeker.com/skyscraper-sized-waves-are-hidden-below-the-surface-1770067976.html

Massive underwater waves shed their secrets after a seven-year research effort.


Surfers are in awe of Hawaii’s famous Banzai Pipeline, where waves can reach 30 feet. But those are puny compared to the monster walls of moving water — called internal waves — that crest inside the ocean itself. Internal waves can tower hundreds of feet in height, but because they seldom break the surface of the ocean, we don’t appreciate their immense stature.

But now, thanks to an international team of scientists who’ve spent seven years tracking the movement of internal waves in the Luzon Strait, a 200-mile-long stretch of ocean between Taiwan to the north and the Philippines to the south, produces the most powerful undersea water movements on the planet.  As a result, we’ve now got a better understanding of how these long-mysterious waves form and move.


11 Swells Every Surfer Needs to Visit in a Lifetime

The team, which included researchers from the University of Miami’s Rosenthiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, studied the waves from high above, imagery from a radar satellite to spot the subtle ripples on the surface that indicate an internal wave. They  then were able to track the waves as they propagated and moved.

The scientists, who published their findings in the scientific journal Nature, report that some of the waves generated in the strait can reach more than 650 feet in height, and create more than 10,000 times the turbulence found in the open ocean. …….

They also discovered that internal waves are generated daily from internal lunar tides, which also occur deep below the ocean surface. In the Luzon Strait, those tides push water westward into the South China Sea.


NEWS: Huge Waves Recorded in Arctic for First Time

Internal waves have an important effect upon humans’ large-scale industrial fishing efforts because they help move nutrients upon which fish feed. According to NASA’s Earth Observatory Website, the waves do this in part by mixing of different layers of the ocean. When internal tides drag the colder, saltier and more dense water from the ocean bottom over obstacles such as ridges on the sea bottom, they generate waves. The warmer, fresher and lighter water on the top crests over the waves and circulates into the depths so that the layers mix.

A 2010 study found that the Earth’s rotation modifies internal waves that form on the 24-hour cycle of diurnal (daily) tides, dispersing their energy and keeping them from becoming as steep.

140 - IARLG - CONTEMPLATING FURTHER ON THE RELEASE OF GOG AND MAGOG VIA WAVES; Date 28th October 2016; 27th or 28th Muharram 1438 (89 downloads)


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