129 – IARLG – MAGICIANS – Part 7 – Performance Magicians (5 out of 7); Date 12th August 2016; 8th or 9th Dhu al-Qa’da 1437

Date: 12th August 2016; 8th or 9th Dhu al-Qa’da 1437;

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP, (http://aljumaareminder.com/),exposing of street/performance magicians

MAGICIANS – Part 7 – Performance Magicians (5 out of 7)

This week’s topic will be covered in two pages because many images are needed. [Forgive us for the low quality images – They do get the point across though]


In a magic act aired on national television on 2001, David Copperfield throws a ball behind his head into the audience. He then asks the woman who got the ball to close her eyes and throw the ball any where she wants. She throws the ball and it is caught by a man. Copperfield then asks that man what his initials are. He said, “T.S”. Behind Copperfield is a big screen which is live; to prove this Copperfield asks the man in the live screen to say Hi to T.S. The man in the live TV screen says, “Hey, T.S.” as instructed.

Case study 1

Copperfield then tells the man to write T.S on his arm using a black marker.

Case study 2

Copperfield then takes a Polaroid picture of him (T.S) and some other members of the audience. A hard copy of the picture is produced after it has been taken.

Case study 3

He then has one them sign on the bottom of the Polaroid picture. At that point Copperfield and an audience member get into an exposed thin steel cage and they disappear instantly right in front of the thousands of audience member.

Case study 3.5

Case study 4

Case study 5

Case study 6

Case study 7

Case study 8

They teleport 4000 miles away to a beach in Hawaii where they have a live camera set up. Please note that this teleportation is very fast.

Case study 9

Case study 10

Case study 11

Copperfield then shows the audience back in Memphis the Polaroid picture (with the signature) he just took with audience members in Memphis as well as the TS marking on his arm.

Case study 12

Case study 13

Copperfield then teleports back to Memphis appearing instantly in the midst of the crowd.

Case study 14

Case study 15

Case study 16

Case study 17

Copperfield shows some sand he grabbed from the beach during his trip.

Case study 18

LESSONS: Since you now know the abilities of the jinns, tell us. Do you think that the magician is impressive? Most if not all of the audience are at awe at David Copperfield whom they don’t realize is a just man working with jinns. Well? After all these lessons in our previous articles, is the magician impressive?

Note: We all know that no person can run faster than a horse. If a person on horse races with a person without a horse, which of the two will you be amazed at. In reality none because you know the abilities of both man and horse; but you would not respect the person using the horse especially if he is claiming that it was his own speed and not the horse’s speed that made him win the race. [This is the parable that these magicians should be viewed; using horses is allowed in Islam but using jinns is not allowed]

The magician is not impressive but he is getting what he wants from the ignorant; and that is fame and wealth. The evil jinns also get what they want and that is misleading as much as mankind as possible. Little did they know that IARLG would make case studies out of their acts which have already occurred; we will try to educate as much people as possible about this trickery by Allah’s Permission. These magicians need to be exposed; they know that they are just doing tricks but as long as the money and fame keeps on coming they are pleased and don’t care about the means.

Copperfield did all those unnecessary acts to assure the audience that everything is random and that it truly was; but what he didn’t tell the audience was that a jinn or jinns would teleport him and a random audience member from Memphis to a beach in Hawaii to show them via a large live screen on stage, the Polaroid picture taken not so long and the TS that was written on his arm.

Even if there was a change in the events before the teleportation the magician would still get what he wants and that was to amaze the crowd. Even if the person who got the ball was a woman and she wrote YZ on Copperfield’s arm and the Polaroid picture contained other audience members the result would be the same. It would just mean that different people were involved.

In our previous article we saw how jinns can teleport people/objects from one place to another. This is exactly what occurred here. We did not present this case study to make you impressed with the jinns and the magicians but to make you know that street magicians are liars, fakers and love to be praised unnecessarily.

Think not that those who rejoice in what they have done (or brought about), and love to be praised for what they have not done; think not you that they are rescued from the torment, and for them is a painful torment. (Qur’an 3:188)

We can’t present case studies for all their tricks but if you know the basics of the jinns abilities you can pretty much deduce any of the magicians’ and jinns’ tricks

129 - IARLG - MAGICIANS - Part 7 – Performance Magicians (5 out of 7); Date 12th August 2016; 8th or 9th Dhu al-Qa'da 1437 (93 downloads)


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