120 – IARLG – WELCOMING THE MONTH OF RAMADAN & MAGICIANS – Part 7; Date 10th June 2016; 4th or 5th Ramadan 1437

Date: 10th June 2016; 4th or 5th Ramadan 1437; [Please note that the images placed here are only for learning purposes, never worship such images]

Source1: www.trinitytruth.org/paganoriginsofthetrinity.html; Source2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kebra_Nagast; Source3: http://www.viewzone.com/sheba.country.html; Source4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=POCobYxEKPo

ISLAMIC AL-JUMUAA REMINDER AND LEGACY GROUP (http://aljumaareminder.com/), Welcoming the month of Ramadan and exposing the tricks/magic of the ancient magicians:


What does Allah say about Ramadan: The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)….(Qur’an 2:185)

This week’s article is going to be very long because we need the Muslims this Ramadan to know that they have a responsibility to know the current state of most of mankind.  Since we are responsible for ensuring the Quran (the Guidance) reaches mankind as Allah says in (Qur’an 2:185) we need to first realize the world we live in is filled Babylon magic teachings. Once this is known you have to find a way to guide mankind via the Quran which will in turn lead one to follow the Quran and Sunnah In Shaa Allah

You have to find a way to bring mankind to the Path of Allah. Every Muslim has different circumstances so we can’t present a one way solution to invite everyone. A path/way is not the final destination but we have to try to at least bring them to the path with wisdom as Allah says in the following Ayat:

Invite (mankind, O Muhammad SAW) to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom (i.e. with the Divine Inspiration and the Quran) and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided. (Qur’an 16:125)

Even if you can’t convince one to be a Muslim today, try to at least to change him 1% closer to the truth. You might say, “But this will take too long,” We respond by saying that it took 23 years (Lunar) for Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to have Islam completed.  Trees take time to grow, right. We conclude with the following Ayats from the Quran:

See you not how Allah sets forth a parable? – A goodly word as a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e. very high). Giving its fruit at all times, by the Leave of its Lord and Allah sets forth parables for mankind in order that they may remember. (Qur’an 14:24-25)

And the parable of an evil word is that of an evil tree uprooted from the surface of earth having no stability. Allah will keep firm those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world (i.e. they will keep on worshipping Allah Alone and none else), and in the Hereafter. And Allah will cause to go astray those who are Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers), and Allah does what He wills. (Qur’an 14:26-27)

Then, if they turn away, your duty (O Muhammad SAW) is only to convey (the Message) in a clear way. (Qur’an 16:82)

Now let us proceed with understanding the state of most of the world’s religions. Once you know how most of mankind is misguided, it will be easier to set up a plan to try to guide them, right?


MAGICIANS – Part 7 – We are spiritual leaders calling to purity & to God? Really!?!

Just like in Islam (magicians who call themselves Muslim) there are people in other religions who pretend to be righteous but are in fact Magicians. You might be thinking about those Christian magicians who use demons to possess people and then remove them to raise their fame and encourage Christians believe further and deeply in the words, “Get out, oh demon, in the name of Jesus.” Instead of believing in Allah Alone, Christians believe in Jesus as a god.

Instead of discussing these kinds of magicians let us go way back to Babylon. Yes, Babylon ; the city where Magic was first taught and practiced and was mentioned in the Quran. We will cover all the magicians who pretend to be spiritually pure. Let us look at the following scenarios below:

  • A wizard (or witch) is wearing skulls, fur and feathers of different animals and birds; he is also dirty since he has been instructed by his jinns/satans/demons not to shower for over ten days. [How do you see one who goes to this magician and listens to him and does what he instructs him to do? Instantly you see this person as a disbeliever and anyone who goes to the wizard for advice and guidance is also a disbeliever since he/she is supporting/encouraging this wizard.]
  • Now what if the witch or wizard is instructed by his demons to wear a suit, to be clean and act righteously but will be calling to evil discreetly. Believe it or not but this is exactly what almost all religions except Islam call for; if you study their origins carefully.

For example in Christianity, Christians listen to Paul because he does not look like a witch or wizard. But he dealt with devils as shown in the verses from the Bible below. He plagiarized in the trinity concept [which we will show how it has pagan origins from Babylon]. Believe or not, these are verses from the Bible and Paul is saying them:

“But be it so, I did not burden you: nevertheless, being crafty, I CAUGHT YOU WITH GUILE.” 2 CORINTHIANS 12:16

Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.1 Timothy 1:20

And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure. 2 Corinthians 2:7

Is there any difference from the one who seeks guidance from the dirty witch/wizard and the one who seeks guidance from Paul and his teachings even though he is dead? Be honest. There is no difference; there is only the difference in feel. Paul’s approach seems modern. This is very bad. One should follow the truth whether it comes from a rich/famous or poor person. Most of mankind follows falsehood from both rich/famous and poor people with much more emphasis on the rich/famous because they seem to be successful.

Paul put his falsehood in writing to ensure it continues on for ages. Allah could have destroyed Paul’s teachings but He (Allah) according to His Infinite Wisdom left some or many of Paul’s teaching to be a test for us as can be seen in the Ayats (Qur’an 22:52-55) below:

Never did We send a Messenger or a Prophet before you, but; when he did recite the revelation or narrated or spoke, Shaitan (Satan) threw (some falsehood) in it. But Allah abolishes that which Shaitan (Satan) throws in. Then Allah establishes His Revelations. And Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise: (Qur’an 22:52)

That He (Allah) may make what is thrown in by Shaitan (Satan) a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease (of hypocrisy and disbelief) and whose hearts are hardened. And certainly, the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.) are in an opposition far-off (from the truth against Allah’s Messenger and the believers). (Qur’an 22:53)

And that those who have been given knowledge may know that it (this Quran) is the truth from your Lord, and that they may believe therein, and their hearts may submit to it with humility. And verily, Allah is the Guide of those who believe, to the Straight Path. (Qur’an 22:54)

And those who disbelieve will not cease to be in doubt about it (this Quran) until the Hour comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the torment of the Day after which there will be no night (i.e. the Day of Resurrection). (Qur’an 22:55)

Paul is just an example of one Christian scholar, who successfully spread falsehood. His concept of trinity that he plagiarized originated from Babylon where they used to worship the sun. They were in fact worshipping Satan himself. Let us see the proof that they used to worship the sun via the images below and the article by Muhammad Ali below.

sun worship 1


sun worship 2

sun worship 3


http://www.jinndemons.com/babylonian-magic/ [Babylonian Magic]

Posted by Muhammad Ali on Apr 14, 2011 in Black Magic & Witchcraft,

I have been receiving e-mails where people ask the question on ‘why Magic is forbidden? – What is so polytheistic about Magic?’

Well, as we discussed before, in the article – BlackMagic & Witchcraft.

“And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, “We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic].” And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learnt what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they soldthemselves, if they only knew.” (al-baqara: 102)

For the knowledge of how Magic was practiced in Babylon, we need to go back in history, as far as we can, and see for what magic comprised of when it first came.

Fortunately, the British Museum holds clay tablets of Magic that seem to belong to the 600 BC of Assyria. For those of you who do not know Assyria – It was after the fall of the Akkadian Empire – 2080 BC, when it split into two separate nations; Assyria in the north, and Babylonia in the south. The clay tablets are inscribed in the Assyrian characters and it seems to have been copied from Babylonia for Ashurbanipal, the king of Assyria in the years 669 – 625 BC. It was excavated from the Royal library. Most of the tablets are found in pieces since we know that the Assyrian Royal Library was destroyed. However, the main content of these tablets remain clear to us. The carvings on these tablets are basically prayers and incantations to various deities.

The main title for these tablets is something that translates – “Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand”. Since these tablets are from the 600BC, we can imply that this truly is the Magic that was first practiced in Babylon. I wish to share some of the scans of those tablets but I do not wish to promote Sorcery here, So I would only put one scan out of them, just for the sake public presentation.

Babylon Tablet sample


  1. O …….!\ O ……!\ mighty one
    2. O ……., who art unique, thou that brightenest
    3. That givest light unto the nations
    4. That unto the black-headed race art favorable
    5. Bright is thy light, in heaven
    6. Brilliant is thy torch, like the Fire-god
    7. Thy brightness fills the broad earth !
    8. The brightness of the nation he gathers, in thy sight . . .
    9. O #### of the sky, whose purpose no man learns!
    10. Overwhelming is thy light like the Sun-god [thy?] first-born!
    11. Before thy face the great gods bow down, the fate of the world is set before thee!
    12. In the evil of an eclipse of the Moon which in such and such a month on such and such a, day has taken place,
    13. In the evil of the powers, of the portents, evil and not good, which are in my palace and my land,
    14. The great gods beseech thee and thou givest counsel!
    15. They take their stand all of them, they petition at thy feet!
    40/50 lines.

All the tablets include such incantation, with the difference of referring to male/female/child/parent deities. I should mention; the “…….” Dotted line indicates a space left to add the ‘name of a deity’, to which the magician refers. I do not wish to include the names here, But the name of the deity also depend upon the issue for which the magician wishes to seek help for. For instance, if they want to separate two people, they refer to one deity that is relevant to such a practice. Likewise they refer to others deities for the sake of other purposes they seek. Overall, these incantations are nothing more than attributing to Demons, claiming them to be gods, and asking for a favor in return.

And indeed it is nothing but a Trial. May Allaah keep us safe from the Evil of That which He has created. Ameen.


Do you see how they worshipped the sun via the tablet above? Now that we have the proof that sun worship took place in Babylon. This is just one branch of Babylon magic which has spread far and wide. Just how much have the other branches of magic spread? Let us see how this scandal began in Babylon and how it exists till our times now:




“The trinity got its start in Ancient Babylon with Nimrod – Tammuz – and Semiramis. Semiramis demanded worship for both her husband and her son as well as herself, she claimed that her son, was both the father and the son. Yes, he was “god the father” and “god the son” – The first divine incomprehensible trinity” [The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, p.51]

This sun worship which began in Babylon is in fact Satan worship; and the representation and founder of such a religion was Nimrod, his wife Semiramis and child Tammuz. Imagine worshipping the big boss of all the evil jinns directly. Semiramis claimed that a ray or rays from the sun caused her to be pregnant. This is the first trinity, the worship of three continued to be carried to different cultures of the world from the people that dispersed from Babylon. So something very interesting happened:

  • Egypt [Osiris, Horus and Isis], Greece [Zeus, Apollo and Athena], India [Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva], Rome [Jupiter, Mars and Venus], this list is by no means comprehensive but in all the different cultures and pagan systems of worship we find that the ultimate worship of their gods ends up in three and the common denominator of all these started at the common denominator from the same place. But since they had different languages, they had different names.

Let us see in history, how this is confirmed for us. As far back we can go into the ancient world we find that all known cultures had a three in one trion god. The very first trinity was simply the three stages of the life of the sun.

the gods of babylon

All three were of course one divinity; the sun. Remember that one of the main forms in which Satan was worshipped in Babylon was the sun. When Nimrod died, Semiramis said Nimrod went up to the sun and because they worshipped the sun god, they found that the sun was a very fitting symbol for the god that they worshipped, Satan. They saw that they got heat, warmth and light. Life was really dependent on the sun. So the sun became the supreme object that they worshipped. The sun they believed was their benefactor and they noticed that the sun had three distinct stages.  This fitted well in their system of beliefs since they were already worshipping three and so this became incorporated in this mystery religion and the worship of Satan. This worship of the sun is disguised so that it seems innocent but in fact that is the true worship of Satan.

Look at the images below: (The 3 different stages of the sun combined to represent the sun god properly results in the following. This triangular system became a symbol for the sun god or the one behind it, Satan. This is very effective because they would use that to disguise their true religion. Then they saw that a triangle with three equal sides with 180 degrees each of the three angles having 60 degrees. And it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this brings about the 666 sign of the antichrist. So interestingly the pagans use these symbols, pictures and numbers to hide the worship that they were giving to Satan.)

the gods of babylon1

the gods of babylon2

the gods of babylon3

the gods of babylon4

These symbols above may look like simple decorations but are there to impress Satan. Look at the image below that shows a stone used to worship the sun found in Babylon:

the gods of babylon5


O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority. (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger (SAW), if you believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination (Qur’an 4:59)

The fact that these triple deities are described as common throughout the world mythology is testament to the hard work Satan is doing. So instead of seeking advice from Allah (His Revelations) and the Messenger as instructed in (Qur’an 4:59) above we have people throughout the world seeking the advice of successors from Babylon. They are following the instructions of the magicians of Babylon.

Satan doesn’t care about how much you progress in your worldly affairs as long as you remain in shirk. You find that a person has become a professor, stopped using horses and is instead using a car. The professor has gone to work and brought great change of Dunya in the country but has no problem going back home and making prostration to a cow or a statue. Satan here says, “Grow in your Dunya, be busy and forget Allah. But don’t change your shirk (association of partners with Allah).” Though we just made up this statement but by looking at most of mankind, you surely must have a feeling Satan really is saying this.

It is our duty as Muslims to find a way to minimize this great misguidance that mankind is currently in. This misguidance of worshipping the sun is not limited to the religions but has also crept and found its way to many of the entertainment industry such as music, cartoons, movies and the like.

We are not covering everything about sun worship because our article will be too long. We are giving you the basics; we advise you to research how this sun worship exists in modern times. You will be more surprised. At how hidden this stuff is.

Below are a few of those so called triple gods. [The three halos are to show that they are holy right? But those little halos actually represent the god and has nothing to do with being holy.]

the gods of babylon6 - Buddhist why always three


the gods of babylon7

the gods of babylon8

the gods of babylon9

the gods of babylon10

the gods of babylon11

There is no doubt that all nations received Messengers as Allah says in:

And verily, We have sent among every Ummah (community, nation) a Messenger (proclaiming): “Worship Allah (Alone), and avoid (or keep away from) Taghut (all false deities, etc. i.e. do not worship Taghut besides Allah).” Then of them were some whom Allah guided and of them were some upon whom the straying was justified. So travel through the land and see what was the end of those who denied (the truth). (Qur’an 16:36)

And, indeed We have sent Messengers before you (O Muhammad SAW); of some of them We have related to you their story and of some We have not related to you their story, and it was not given to any Messenger that he should bring a sign except by the Leave of Allah. So, when comes the Commandment of Allah, the matter will be decided with truth, and the followers of falsehood will then be lost. (Qur’an 40:78)

It is our guess that Satan and some corrupt men introduced this trinity concept around the Messengers and previous righteous people of the past as they did on ‘Iesa (Jesus).

So for example, the trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) might have had a Messenger who they attributed godhood just like they did to ‘Iesa (Jesus).

The scriptures of Hinduism and Buddhism prophesize the coming of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The previous Prophets knew about the coming of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and told their people about his coming.

And (remember) when Allah took the Covenant of the Prophets, saying: “Take whatever I gave you from the Book and Hikmah (understanding of the Laws of Allah, etc.), and afterwards there will come to you a Messenger (Muhammad SAW) confirming what is with you; you must, then, believe in him and help him.” Allah said: “Do you agree (to it) and will you take up My Covenant (which I conclude with you)?” They said: “We agree.” He said: “Then bear witness; and I am with you among the witnesses (for this).” (Qur’an 3:81)

We personally believe (this is just a personal opinion) that all the previous Prophets helped Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by telling their nations of his coming. Allah also ensured that some traces of the previous scriptures could point to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Allah knows best.

Only Prophet ‘Iesa (Jesus) will help him in two ways in this world, the first which he already did as can be seen in (Qur’an 61:6) where he gave the children of Israel glad tidings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the second will be to implement the Quran and teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW) when he comes back.

Satan promises his followers ‘enlightenment’ and ‘illumination’ in this world. His followers are also promised to be ‘immortal gods’ like himself (satan) after death. Such deception enables Satan to pose as Lucifer, the son god, the sustainer of light; Satan was able to deceive thousands of generations. With the help of his followers, he has infiltrated almost every religion to this day. Please remember that because of these jinns {fallen angels}:

  • We have a lot of religions that are now worshipping the sun without knowing. Some followers from the infiltrated religions know they have been bamboozled but stubbornly continue with this sun worship. Some became atheists and refuse to follow any other truth/Islam
  • We have a lot of religions with the so called gods born on 25th December all over the world. And the so-called gods have other similar features like trinities, virgin births etc.

“I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them, and has barred them from (Allah’s) Way: so they have no guidance.” (Qur’an 27:24)

Sun worship in Sheba

What is the Kebra Negast  as explained in Wikipedia? The Kebra Nagast (var. Kebra Negast, Ge’ez ክብረ ነገሥት, kəbrä nägäśt), or The Glory of the Kings, is a 14th-century account written in Ge’ez of the origins of the Solomonic line of the Emperors of Ethiopia. The text, in its existing form, is at least 700 years old and is considered by many Ethiopian Christians and Rastafari to be a historically reliable work. It contains an account of how the Queen of Sheba/ Queen Makeda of Ethiopia met King Solomon and about how the Ark of the Covenant came to Ethiopia with Menelik I(Menyelek). It also discusses the conversion of the Ethiopians from the worship of the Sun, Moon and stars to that of the “Lord God of Israel”. As the Ethiopianist Edward Ullendorff explained in the 1967 Schweich Lectures, “The Kebra Nagast is not merely a literary work, but it is the repository of Ethiopian national and religious feelings.

In the Kebra Negast, the Queen tells Solomon: “We worship the sun…for he cooketh our food, and moreoever he illumineth the darkness, and removeth fear; we call him ‘our King,’ and we call him ‘our Creator’….And there are others among our subjects…. some worship stones, and some worship trees, and some worship carved figures, and some worship images of gold and silver.”(2)

Did the symbol of the serpent represent the sun in paganism? The book The Two Babylons stated that the worship of the serpent was always universally associated with the sun. Quoting Rev. A. Hislop: “Along with the sun, as the great fire-god, and, in due time, identified with him, was the serpent worshipped. … In the mythology of the primitive world… the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun. “In Egypt, one of the commonest symbols of the sun, or sun-god, is a disc with a serpent around it (p. 227).” Rev. A. Hislop goes on to show how the ancients associated the snake with the sun. “The original reason of that identification seems just to have been that, as the sun was the great enlightener of the physical world, so the serpent was held to have been the great enlightener of the spiritual, by giving mankind the “knowledge of good and evil.” (p. 227)”E.g. Horus in the image below.

Notice the sun behind the head or body of some of the many infiltrated religions:











All the religions above have been infiltrated {even Christianity} and they are trying to infiltrate Islam but they will fail because Allah promised in the Quran to protect the True Islam. All the above infiltrated religions have almost identical trinity structures and they are now trying to introduce that to Islam via Alevism. Some pictures of Alevisim; notice the sun and fallen angels; notice the smokeless flame talked about in Qur’an 55:15 behind the person. And lastly, notice the pyramid and the Dajjal [All Seeing Eye] in the sun above so called fallen angels:





Two last notes: These Alevists and especially men who call women angels should pounder over the following ayat:

And they make the angels who themselves are slaves to the Most Beneficient (Allah) females. Did they witness their creation? Their evidence will be recorded, and they will be questioned! (Qur’an 43:19)




Let us look at the Ayats below:

O people of the Scripture (Christians)! Do not exceed the limits in your religion, nor say of Allah aught but the truth. The Messiah ‘Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam, was a Messenger of Allah and His Word, (“Be!” – and he was) which He bestowed on Maryam and a spirit (Ruh) created by Him; so believe in Allah and His Messengers. Say not: “Three (trinity)!” Cease! (it is) better for you. For Allah is One Ilah (God), glorified is He above having a son. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is All-Sufficient as a Disposer of affairs. (Qur’an 4:171)

Surely they have disbelieved who say: “Allah is the Messiah, son of Maryam.” But the Messiah said: “O Children of Israel! Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.” Verily, whosoever sets ups up partners (in worship) with Allah, then Allah has forbidden Paradise to him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the Zalimuni(polytheists and wrong-doers) there are no helpers. (Qur’an, 5:72)

Surely, disbelievers are those who said: “Allah is the third of the three (in a trinity).” But there is no Ilah (god) but One Ilah (God – Allah). And if they cease not from what they say, verily, a painful torment will befall on the disbelievers among them. (Qur’an 5:73)

Will they not turn with repentance to Allah and ask His Forgiveness? For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur’an 5:74)

The outline above truly shows that is not only condemning the Christians for the trinity. (Qur’an 4:171) and (Qur’an 5:72) directly addresses Christians because they are the majority of this trinity concept in mankind. Then Allah goes on in (Qur’an 5:73) to remind the Christians and those who have trinity concepts that they are in fact all disbelievers and have their faith all wrong. Allah goes on in (Qur’an 5:74) where it can be clearly seen that Allah is willing to forgive them if they seek His Forgiveness. But will they do so?

And the Jews say: ‘Uzair (Ezra) is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: Messiah is the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouths. They imitate the saying of the disbelievers of old. Allah’s Curse be on them, how they are deluded away from the truth! (Qur’an 9:30)

As we have shown above how these trinity concepts originated from Babylon, Allah shows us via the Ayat above (Quran 9:30) that they indeed did just imitate the disbelievers of old, the disbelievers of Babylon.

They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allah), and (they also took as their Lord) Messiah, son of Maryam (Mary), while they (Jews and Christians) were commanded [in the Taurat (Torah) and the Injeel (Gospel)) to worship none but One Ilah (God – Allah) La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He) . Praise and glory be to Him, (far above is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him).” (Qur’an 9:31)

Allah further goes on to state that the followers who follow blindly their leaders (who make their own laws and don’t follow Allah’s laws) are in fact worshipping them.

They (the disbelievers, the Jews and the Christians) want to extinguish Allah’s Light (with which Muhammad   has been sent – Islamic Monotheism) with their mouths, but Allah will not allow except that His Light should be perfected even though the Kafirun (disbelievers) hate (it). (Qur’an 9:32)

It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikun(polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) hate (it). (Qur’an 9:33)

These sun worshippers want to extinguish Allah’s Light because it is too powerful for them. Why with their mouths? They must first begin lying then other things follow.

O you who believe! Verily, there are many of the (Jewish) rabbis and the (Christian) monks who devour the wealth of mankind in falsehood, and hinder (them) from the Way of Allah (i.e. Allah’s Religion of Islamic Monotheism). And those who hoard up gold and silver [Al-Kanz: the money, the Zakat of which has not been paid], and spend it not in the Way of Allah, -announce unto them a painful torment. (Qur’an 9:34)

Allah informs us believers that these leaders devour the wealth of mankind (not just Christians and Jews) in falsehood and hinder them from the Way of Allah. Notice that Allah says that they devour the wealth of mankind via falsehood. Do you realize that these magicians just want wealth and power? Some may also want fame too as shown by the magicians of Fir’aun. It is always wealth first then power or fame next with these magicians. Fir’aun was willing to offer all three to his magicians:

So when the sorcerers arrived, they said to Fir’aun (Pharaoh): “Will there surely be a reward for us if we are the winners?” He said: “Yes, and you shall then verily be of those brought near (to myself).” (Qur’an 26:41-42)

Notice that Allah says that they devour the wealth of mankind in falsehood and hinder them from the Way of Allah. Why did Allah say mankind and not just the Christians and Jews? Allah is the Most Wise and All-Knowing as we Muslims already know. Allah knows that we (Muslims) know this and that is why He is telling us “O you who believe!..” in (Qur’an 9:34).

What do they do with this wealth they gather? They hoard it up, right. But that isn’t so bad if they pay Zakat and give out in the Path of Allah, right? Wrong, these people not only hoard up the wealth of mankind but they use it not in the Way of Allah. They might use it to spread mischief directly or indirectly meaning what good they might do might have ulterior motives.

Moreover all these Ayats are from Surah Taubah in which Allah shows no Mercy and did not start with, “Bismillahi Rahman Rahim” [In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Beneficient]. These disbelievers of old are the magicians of Babylon and Allah is very upset with them and is telling us the situation of the world in (Qur’an 9:34).

Let us convey Islam (the Guidance) to mankind. Let us make use of this Ramadan as Allah says:

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)….(Qur’an 2:185)

Mankind has what it takes to realize that their existence must have a purpose. If they are truly sincere they will reach the conclusion that the main reason of our existence is to worship Allah. Making yourself deaf, dumb and blind is not an excuse.

Verily! The worst of (moving) living creatures with Allah are the deaf and the dumb, those who understand not (i.e. the disbelievers). (Qur’an 8:22)

We are not condemning the people who worship other than Allah because most people don’t know that they are worshipping other than Allah. Allah has given them a chance to still be alive, to realize and repent. If they are truly sincere about worshipping Allah; Allah will guide them.

Many disbelievers fought Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but later came to embrace Islam. We have no way of knowing whose heart is sealed or not. Try to use your resources to teach Islam to as many people as effectively as possible.



Some very few people from these corrupted religions might hate this trinity system and know its true nature but will still be disbelievers if they reject Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as many do. It’s the very few amongst those who come from other religions and know the truth about the trinity system who will toss away their pride and accept the truth.

Have you (O Muhammad SAW) seen him who has taken as his ilah (god) his own desire? Would you then be a Wakil (a disposer of his affairs or a watcher) over him? (Qur’an 25:43) 

Verily, those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and wish to make distinction between Allah and His Messengers (by believing in Allah and disbelieving in His Messengers) saying, “We believe in some but reject others,” and wish to adopt a way in between. They are in truth disbelievers. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating torment. And those who believe in Allah and His Messengers and make no distinction between any of them (Messengers), We shall give them their rewards, and Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur’an 4:150-152)

Sad. Nay, those who disbelieve are in false pride and opposition. (Qur’an 38:1-2)

And (remember) the Day when the Zalim (wrong-doer, oppressor, polytheist, etc.) will bite at his hands, he will say: “Oh! Would that I had taken a path with the Messenger (Muhammad SAW). “Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as a friend! He indeed led me astray from the Reminder (this Qur’an) after it had come to me. And Satan is ever a deserter to man in the hour of need.” And the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) will say: “O my Lord! Verily, my people deserted this Qur’an (neither listened to it, nor acted on its laws and orders). (Qur’an 25:27-30)

These people should also be called to Islam because they might become Muslims. Who knows? Allah knows. The following Ayats (Quran 7:163-165) shows a group of people who continued giving Dawah despite knowing that their people are going to be punished.

And ask them (O Muhammad SAW) about the town that was by the sea, when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath (i.e. Saturday): when their fish came to them openly on the Sabbath day, and did not come to them on the day they had no Sabbath. Thus We made a trial of them for they used to rebel. (Qur’an 7:163)

And when a community among them said: “Why do you preach to a people whom Allah is about to destroy or to punish with a severe torment?” (The preachers) said: “In order to be free from guilt before your Lord (Allah), and perhaps they may fear Allah.” (Qur’an 7:164)

So when they forgot the reminding that had been given to them, We rescued those who forbade evil, but We seized those who did wrong with a severe torment because they used to rebel (disobey Allah). (Qur’an 7:165)



CONCLUSION OF THIS ARTICLE: Try our best to guide mankind 

We are slaves of Allah and we are only to submit to him. If you try to say that you follow your own self then that is following your own desires and that is Satanism and that is worshipping Satan.

The main teaching of Satanism is, “Do what thou wilt”. Meaning you do whatever you feel is right. You follow your own desires not Allah’s Laws. Please refer to (Qur’an 25:43) above. If you follow your desires you are indeed following the advice of Satan which he gave mankind via his Prophet, Alister Crowley.

You are either with Allah or with Satan. It has already been decreed by Allah that anyone who follows Satan will join him in Hell just as Allah decreed death for all of us.

The Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it: “Be!” – and it is. (Qur’an 2:117)

For him (the devil) it is decreed that whosoever follows him, he will mislead him, and will drive him to the torment of the Fire. (Qur’an 22:3)

We have decreed death to you all,…..(Qur’an 56:60)

The only way to be free is to worship Allah Alone. If you err, you repent sincerely to Allah and life goes on, since repentance is part of Islam.

After reading this article you must now know deeply what these Ayats below mean:

And from among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate to Allah Who created them, if you (really) worship Him. But if they are too proud (to do so), then there are those who are with your Lord (angels) glorify Him night and day, and never are they tired. (Qur’an 41:37-38)

And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers’ way. We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell – what an evil destination. (Qur’an 4:115)

Verily! Allah forgives not (the sin of) setting up partners in worship with Him, but He forgives whom he pleases sins other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, has indeed strayed far away. (Qur’an 4:116)

They (all those who worship others than/with Allah) invoke nothing but female deities beside Him (Allah), and they invoke nothing but Satan, a persistent rebel! (Qur’an 4:117)

(Allah will say on the Day of Judgment) Did I not ordain for you, O Children of Adam, that you should not worship Satan. Verily, he is a plain enemy to you. And that you should worship Me. This is the Straight Path. And indeed he (Satan) did lead astray a great multitude of you. Did you not, then, understand? This is Hell which you were promised! Burn therein this Day, for that you used to disbelieve (Qur’an 36:60-64)

We urge you to do further research on this topic. There are still few magicians left to expose their secrets such as street magicians. We are going to show via Quran and Hadith how the street magicians perform their so-called super natural acts via the jinn. But as we stated last week; for the next two weeks we will break the series of exposing the magicians and instead look at lessons and benefits from Surah Yusuf. Thank you for reading our article(s) so far.

120 - IARLG - WELCOMING THE MONTH OF RAMADAN & MAGICIANS - Part 7; Date 10th June 2016; 4th or 5th Ramadan 1437 (103 downloads)

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    • IARLG Reply

      Thank you Lavada.

      All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). (Qur’an 1:2)

      The fact that we have managed to put this website and keep putting up articles even if nobody would have read them is from the Grace of Allah.

      The fact that we have at least one who reads at least one of our article is from the Grace of our Lord (Allah).

      So he [Sulaiman (Solomon)] smiled, amused at her speech and said: “My Lord! Inspire and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favours which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please You, and admit me by Your Mercy among Your righteous slaves.” (Qur’an 27:19)

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      Thank you Marilou.

      All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). (Qur’an 1:2)

      The fact that we have managed to put this website and keep putting up articles even if nobody would have read them is from the Grace of Allah.

      The fact that we have at least one who reads at least one of our article is from the Grace of our Lord (Allah).

      So he [Sulaiman (Solomon)] smiled, amused at her speech and said: “My Lord! Inspire and bestow upon me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favours which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please You, and admit me by Your Mercy among Your righteous slaves.” (Qur’an 27:19)

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